Monday, August 14, 2006

My Aunt Went to California and All She Got Me Was This T-Shirt

My friend just got her wedding pictures back, which is really exciting. Except that I was sitting behind the bride and groom on the mandap (stage/altar) during the ceremony, and I look so bored in all of the pictures. My facial expression says, "Oh my Vishnu, is this thing almost over?!" I was actually thinking, "Please, please let the bride's aunts stop yelling at me because I cannot understand them. I hope I do not screw up this ceremony any more than I already did when I completely tripped on my way down the aisle and almost started the building on fire because I was holding a lit candle. Am I supposed to be doing something right now?" So hopefully I can be photoshopped out of any of the pictures I am in because the bride and groom look gorgeous in all of them.

When visiting the same friend for her Bachelorette Weekend of Debauchery, H and I bought a Stanford t-shirt for our niece. Affter we first visited Stanford a few years ago, H told his niece (who was in 3rd grade at the time- she starts 6th grade in a few weeks) that she should go to college at Stanford. She has remembered this and brings it up sometimes when we see her. So we got her a t-shirt, and she seemed really excited to get it. We saw H's mom last week and asked her if the niece has been wearing the shirt. H's mom said that the niece hasn't worn it yet because she said she is saving it for the first day of school. And the Best Aunt and Uncle Award goes to... H and me!


3carnations said...

Yay! I love when I give a gift that is a hit.

Guinness_Girl said...

Ha! You are the bored girl in someone's wedding pictures! Awesome.

princess slea said...

I always wanted to design a t-shirt to sell at Dead shows that said "my parents came back from the Dead and all they got me was this t-shirt." Sadly, Jerry died before my procrastinating ass did anything about it.
Your niece will be giving her valedictorian speech and she'll thank her aunt and uncle for brainwashing her into going to Stanford. And then she'll go and save the world!

don't call me MA'AM said...

I don't know at which age I started loving GIVING gifts more than receiving, but I know exactly what you mean. And you are TOTALLY going to win that Best Aunt and Uncle award!

Stinkypaw said...

Cute story (apart for the looking bored on the pictures! of course!), I'm sure that niece will turn out like a mini Rory (on Gilmore Girls)oh! wait! that was Harvard that she wanted to go to... Anyway, she'll really work hard towards going to Stanford, what a great aunt you are (and H the great uncle, of course!)

Having brain farts, can you tell?!

-R- said...

3carnations, me too, definitely.

GG, I know. It is sad. Was there a bored girl in your wedding pictures?

PD, that would be a great shirt. I bet you could still get deadheads to buy it. I hope the niece turns out like that!

DCMM, aw, thanks.

Spaw, I do hope she is like Rory except for the sleeping with Married Dean and dating Awful Logan.