Monday, August 28, 2006

To The Misunderstood Go The Spoils

My boss came into my office when I was writing an e-mail to a friend on my gmail account. I was writing something about how families are weird sometimes.

My boss and I started chatting about what we had done over the weekend, and he asked, kind of out of the blue, how everything was going with my family. It wasn't prying, and it didn't make me uncomfortable. I was just surprised that he was asking about it. (The answer, by the way, is that everything is fine.)

After my boss left my office, I looked at my screen, and the google ads on gmail read, "HOW TO FIND YOUR MISSING FATHER" and "FAMILY COUNSELING." This plus the fact that I was apparently so upset on Friday I couldn't even coordinate an outfit- he must think I am having some major issues. Guess who is going to be told she needs to relax and not to do any work over the weekend. YES!


H thinks I should change my blog name to "Aaand You Know What Else" so that I will be listed first on all alphabetical blog rolls. He cracks me up. For the record, I came up with the name of my blog while singing a Weezer song ("My Name is Jonas" from their first self-titled album).


Libragirl said...

That's what you need to do to get out of working over a weekend....mismatched clothes

3carnations said...

I don't know about your husband's idea...people might avoid your blog because they think you can't spell. Those blogs can be really hard to read...=p

stefanie said...

I often wonder, when writing to a gmail person, what is going to show up in their ads on the page. I don't have a gmail account myself, so I have limited personal experience to draw on as I ponder this.

You're at the top of my links list. "And" is close enough to the beginning of the alphabet for me. My blog is the opposite. I'm always way at the bottom of everyone's list.

Guinness_Girl said...

Oh, see, even that wouldn't make you at the top of my links list, because 3carnations gets it - numbers go first and all. Maybe 1andyouknowwhatelse? Have never heard of such a thing. I mean, I've heard of gmail, but not the ad thing. That's hilarious, though! Ha!

Funny...I always picture a little kid going, "And you know what else? I like macaroni and cheese. And you know what else? I pooped today. And you know what ELSE?..." Okay, so I made up the stuff in the middle. Never mind. I just re-read this and now I sound like I am saying that your blog sounds like a little kid saying that - but it doesn't - this is just the little thought that wanders through my mind when I first read your title. I am an idiot who makes no sense. Thus, I will stop typing now.

schneids said...

funny...the ad i get for this blog is "crazy attorney" and "fashion dont's".


Yez said...

I love your blog's title! I see a juicy phone conversation ("No! What else? There's more?!") and it always makes me smile :>

Mine, OTOH, is self-sabotaging. But in a way, it's truth in advertising; by the time someone summons the contrariness to "see in here", there might actually be a new post. (Or not, like now. No news. Treading water :> )

Stinkypaw said...

Keep this up and maybe you'll get some time off to "recup" or something!

You're in the R's for my listing... but I think H (the Incredible H!) might be on to something!

PreppyGirl said...

The more I hear about H, the more I think he and Galoot are two gigantic twins separated at birth. Crazy kids.

My blog roll isn't alphabetized, it just is what is is. Everytime someone says Weezer I think "...oh, oh, and no mary tyler moore..." and hey, didn't that show take place in Minneapolis? Freaky...

don't call me MA'AM said...

My gmail is showing me "The Final Theory - - The bestselling book our scientists hope you never read."

I have NO idea where that is coming from!

I love your blog name just the way it is. Spelling ALWAYS counts. ;-)

Jenny said...

My hotmail always gives me "You CAN regain your sex life!" Makes me feel very paranoid.

Paisley said...

That kinda creeps me out that Gmail scans your emails and puts up advertising to suit what they think you want. Seems kinda Big Brother to me.

Then again, I get weird about being private.


-R- said...

Libra, I will let you know if this works.

3carnations, good point. You are only saying that because your blog is above mine on GG's blog, aren't you!

Stefanie, the ads are usually really weird. And I am excited to be first on your blog. Yes! You should change your blog name to "Aaaa! Stefanie Says!"

GG, that is why I like my blog name. It has so many meanings!

Schneids, well, then your ads are very accurate.

Yez, your blog name is just very secretive. It lures the reader in with its mystery. I should be a blog ad writer!

Spaw, I am definitely calling H "The Incredible H" from now on. That is great.

Prep, I think Galoot and H would be so funny together.

Ma'am, this proves my point. Gmail is weird.

Jenny, that is funny... but sad. =)

Paisly, I like google though b/c they fought the lame ass govt subpoenas for search records.

Karen said...

my favorite gmail thing is when you open your spam file, and you get recipes for Spam...