Sunday, October 15, 2006

Down on the Farm

Our youngest nephew turned one on October 10th. We went to the family farm for an extended family event. What do you buy a one-year-old? I asked around at work and got some good ideas for toys that a one-year-old might actually play with but would not annoy the parents too much. I talked to H about the list and asked him to go pick something out. H picked out a super cute stuffed puppy that plays super annoying songs. It wasn't on the list, but as H said, we don't have to live with it. As it turns out, H's sister LOVED it. She had bought the same musical puppy for a friend's kid the week before. Our nephew was not quite as excited about it.

Maybe if I look this way, the puppy will leave me alone.

Yes, yes, I know there is a puppy behind me. I just don't care. Sigh.

At least someone likes it.

Every year, H's parents' neighbors make wine out of whatever weeds they happen to have around. Seriously. I have yet to try it, but doesn't it look like it must be really good?

Umm, no, it doesn't look like it must be good. I think these are elderberry and rhubarb, but I'm just guessing.

Anyway, we got to stay at the lake house of an aunt and uncle. The lake house is pretty close to the farm. This is not shocking because there is a lake approximately every 10.2 feet in Minnesota. Here is the view from our bedroom in the lake house.

Very nice.


Libragirl said...

I go for books for kids 3 and younger. They usually have so many toys anyway and are more interested in the boxes. I was in Target with my niece and tried to buy her a toy and all she wanted was books. Plus, I love books so I like to share the love.

Elderberry wine. That's what the old ladies used to kill people in Arsenic and Old Lace. Yum.

Jenny said...

Mmmm. I want a big glass of "Rub Og".

3carnations said...

Once I was at a coworker's house for dinner with his family. His father had made some homemade alcohol of some sort. It was the most horrible strong tasting stuff I have ever had. I drank it kind of quickly, to get it the heck away from me, because I didn't want to be rude by NOT drinking it...They mistook it for me liking it, and began to pour me more. Eek. I was able to stop them.

stefanie said...

A guy I work with makes moonshine in his garage. Yes, he lives in an inner-ring suburb, NOT in the backwoods somewhere miles from civilization. Weird.

Love the captions on the nephew pics. :-)

Sparkling Cipher said...

My dad has made his own wine for 25 years. I like some of it. Some of it tastes awful. (Pumpkin? Why, why WHY would you make alcohol from pumpkins? Ick. His elderberry, apricot and white grape are sweet, like I like my drinks.) Of course, I rarely drink any kind of alcohol, so I can't say I'm all that knowledgeable about what's good. I just know what I like. With homemade stuff, it's really hit or miss.

Christine said...

My friend's grandmother makes moonshine. On her nudist colony. With her boyfriend who looks how Jim Henson would have looked.

It sits in her fridge, in a mason jar. But I think all are afraid to actually try it.

AND also! I bought two ninja guns. And my favorite part...the target on the package that says, "Ninjas can destroy anything without caring."

PreppyGirl said...

CT laughs like Dr. Julius Hibbert? That's awesome.

Looks like you had fun at the lake. Did you see the Land 'o Lakes butter indian while out in the wilderness? My uncle used to work for LoL (and still lives in Plymouth). He also has a cabin up on some lake there too. Since it is the land of 10,000 lakes, chances are probably pretty slim it's the same lake you were on. Wait - are you my cousin Ramona?

schneids said...

Ha! your captions always make me laugh....

princess slea said...

Oh yum, Rub '06 sounds delish.

I bought some wine from a vineyard near Preppygirl last time I was out there and it was Dandelion Wine. We actually took it golfing and my brother in law drank it warm (not a good thing).

-R- said...

Libragirl, are you saying that H's parents' neighbors are trying to kill us?

Jenny, it's actually "Rub 06." I think 2006 was a good year for Rub.

3car, how were you able to stop them? That is so something that would happen to me.

Stefanie, seriously? Moonshine? I can understand making your own beer (although I don't know that it ever turns out well), but seriously, Minnesota garage wine is just not tempting to me.

Sparkling, that is very interesting! How long does it take to make wine?

Christine, whoa. If your friend's grandmother has a blog, I will totally read it.

Preppy, hey Cousin. Word.

Schneids, thanks.

Princess, vineyards make dandelion wine???

Yez said...

OMG, the second picture is killing me. Zen toddler, eschewing attachment to material temptations! LMAO at the teddyblur-- um, bear.

-R- said...

I know! The kid is like, "You can wave that thing around as much as you want, but I still won't like it."

3carnations said...

I said something like "Oh, no I really shouldn't have anymore", deflecting the fact that their homemade drink was vile by implying that I'm a lightweight drinker (which I am).