Thursday, October 05, 2006

Friday Two-and-a-Half

The ninjas have already arrived. And as promised, I have been shot with many ninjas already. I have tried to do some shooting of my own, but my aim and distance are not very accurate (read: the ninjas go straight up in the air when I shoot). With some practice, I could get good at this.


A guy H and I don't know very well but who we went to law school with told a friend of ours that he is surprised that H and I are married. The guy said he can't picture us together. I can understand that to a certain extent. H and I are very different. H is tall. I am short. H is intense about sports. I like watching sports sometimes, but I am not fanatical (except about March Madness). H is really into working out and lifting weights. I prefer reading. H is very smart but hates to study. I spent most of law school in the library. If H does not like the way someone is acting, he is not usually shy about telling them. I avoid confrontation.

Our friend told the guy that H and I are good together because we have the same sense of humor, enjoy a lot of the same things, and have the same quirkiness about us. Maybe that sounds weird, but I think that is a decent explanation of why we work as a couple.


Things I still need to blog about:
bad interviews
photo of my fridge (I am copying Stefanie, although probably not in as much detail because I cannot live up to her awesomeness.)
true things H refuse to believe (see my comment to Lawyerish in previous post - examples: clover, DDP)

If there is anything else special you want me to write about, please let me know. I may have to post some more cute baby pictures of my sister, since she liked the last one so much.

Also, if you have any more ideas of what I should put on my Christmas list, please share your ideas in the comments!


3carnations said...

That's a pretty good explanation of how my hubby and I work together. (the humor, quirkiness, etc.)

We have the same height difference going for us. Well, probably not the same EXACT difference...We have 14 inches difference between us.

stefanie said...

See, now, I'm always annoyed when I see tall guys with short girls. Leave the tall ones for those of us who CAN'T comfortable date a guy under 5'9"! Just kidding. It sounds like you and H are great together, and that is what matters, of course.

As for the fridge thing... I wouldn't say less detail because you "can't live up to [my] awesomeness." I'd say less detail because I was insane and extremely geeky with the level of detail I took with mine! Seriously, I want to delete half of that post for going way, way overboard!

JayAre said...

Dude, I am so buying a ninja gun. Wait, no, I am buying several ninja guns. And I will ninja-kick my foot-taller-than-me husband's ass. Because, you know, it's practically at eye level.

Jenny said...

The ONLY reason Victor and I are together is that we both have a twisted sense of humor. No one else would get our jokes.

I'd like you to write about what Donnie Darko is all about. Because I love it...but it's giving me a headache.

Stinkypaw said...
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Stinkypaw said...

"Practise makes perfect", one of the first rule of ninja classes!

As long as YOU think you work as a couple, that's all that matters, and you do read as you do! And like they (whomever they might be): Opposites attract!

I want to see baby pictures of the Incredible H!

-R- said...

3cars, I think couples have to have the same sense of humor or their lives would be unbearable boring.

Stefanie, in college, my two best friends were 5'10" and 5'11". They would always complain about short girls going out with tall guys. I think MN has a ton of very tall guys though. It's that Scandinavian stock.

JR, ha! You should definitely get the ninja gun to suprise your husband (or his ass).

Jenny, you are out of luck because I have never seen Donnie Darko. Maybe if you request this on all the blogs you read, someone can help you out.

Spaw, I have never seen any baby pictures of H because his house burned down when he was about 11, and they lost almost everything. Isn't that horrible?! Maybe I can attempt some hand-drawn illustrations of what I think baby H looked like.