Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not All Vegans Are Annoying

-R-: Two people at work both recommended a small restaurant in St. Paul called [name and link to website redacted because otherwise I know you would all stalk me]. The family that runs it actually owns two Italian restaurants, but my friends said that [the restaurant that was recommended] is more southern Italian food, while the other one is more northern Italian. They said it is really small, so you would have to make reservations. I will ask around to see if I can find any other recommendations.

Friend: Sweet, I'll have to check that out. Are we getting together tomorrow night for Lost? It will be the last time I will be able to until December due to next month's late shift.

-R-: We are planning on it tomorrow night.

Friend: dyno-mite!

-R-: Ok, J.J.

Friend: J.J.?

-R-: Isn't that the character who used to always say dyno-mite? I could be wrong though because remember how I said that I knew an annoying vegan named Corbin? His name is [Not-Corbin]. I don't know why I was thinking Corbin.

Friend: Because Corbin is an awesome name! I don't remember who said dy-no-mite, I just like throwing it out every once and a while. I had a friend in high school who told me about some character who used to say it, but I don't recall who it was. It could be J.J. - what was the show he was on?

-R-: It was called "Good Times" and a young Janet Jackson was on it. She played Penny, the girl who was abused by her mom and had a crush on J.J. and started following him around everywhere.

Friend: yep, that's it, Good Times. Way to go queen of popular culture!

-R-: That's how I got my job at my law firm. In the interview I was like, "Remember when Penny's mom burned her with an iron and then J.J. found out somehow and then I think J.J. (who was like 30 and still living with his family) reported the mom to CPS and then Penny came to live with J.J. and family even though they barely even knew each other?" And then the law firm was like, "Yes, we remember that. You're hired!"


3carnations said...

Wow. That's a great story. I always thought Janet Jackson was the little sister. Very nice of them to take her in when they had so many problems of their own.

Congratulations on getting hired because of your 70's-80's sitcom knowledge. You must work at the law firm of Malph, Cunningham and Fonzarelli.

Galoot said...

As soon as you mentioned Penny, I thought of the clothes iron incident - one of the pioneering "very special episodes"!

My second memory of "Good Time" is when Florida finds out that James has died in Alaska. "Damn, damn, damn!"

Stinkypaw said...

Wow! I have no friggin' idea what this post was about - must be because I'm a French Canadian!! ...or something!

PreppyGirl said...

Hold up sister! Penny went to live with the Ja'net DuBois character, Willona. I'm not sure how a single black lady was able to adopt back in the 70's but she probably had more room than the Evanses. I totally remember the iron incident too. The mom said, "You know what happens to bad little girls..." as she lowered the iron to her arm. I do that to my kids all the time (ya, I'm totally kidding by the way).

Ain't we lucky we got 'em?

schneids said...

***scratching head on this post whilst singing the theme song to Good Times***

Remind me to never play 80's trivia with you. ;-)

Christine said...

Wow, that could have been taken from numerous dialogues between my friends and me. Good times. ;)

chirky said...

I'm lost. JJ? Corbin? Huh?

In other thoughts...stalking you! Seriously, -R-, how can we meet you if we can't find you?

You're making this whole creepy Internet stalking thing a little difficult, you know.

-R- said...

Chirky, just take a right after the Holiday House. Seriously, you can't miss it.

Yez said...

I'm so sure the law firm was all, "Dudes! We so have to hire this fiercely hip newbie with the mad retro pop-culture skillz!"