Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Surprisingly, I Am Actually Employed

Thirteen Weird Things I Have Done as an Interviewer or Interviewee:

1. When asked about my hobbies, I said I was really into oil painting.
2. When pressed further, I claimed that my specialty was Impressionist-style painting.
3. I have never oil painted in my life. Or done any kind of painting, other than in elementary or middle school.
4. When asked about my hobbies in another interview, I professed a love for books on American history.
5. When the interviewer said that he was really into the Civil War, I said that I was really into the American Revolution.
6. When I was interviewing someone, I told them about how I used to make up hobbies when I was the interviewee.
7. I think the candidate thought that was weird.
8. As an interviewer, I ordered a Tom Collins (gin, lemon juice, club soda) at lunch.
9. Luckily the waiter saved me and said, "Remind me what the ingredients are?" And when I said lemonade and iced tea, he said, "I think that's an Arnold Palmer." Thank you!
10. I talked about "Blind Date" and "Change of Heart."
11. I said that "Change of Heart" was better.
12. Because it was. Hello- these people go on a date and slut it up and then have to decide whether to stay with their significant other who also just went on a date and slutted it up. They should ALWAYS have chosen Change of Heart, but they almost always chose Stay Together, and then my roommate and I would yell at them.
13. I may have used the word "slutty," but I really hope I didn't.


boozie said...

This post made me love you even more. Holy crap, you're hilarious. And, me and my BFF would watch those awesome dating shows in college and we share your thoughts on "Change of Heart". 90% of the time, they'd end up naked in a hot tub...who wants to get back together with damaged goods?

3carnations said...

I know first dates and interviews aren't exactly the same, but bear with me here...

On my first date with hubby, we were talking about movies we like. I said I enjoy thrillers. He said he was a big Hitchcock fan. A year or so later, it came out he had NEVER seen a Hitchcock film. So guess who I gave a Hitchcock movie to for Christmas for a few years...Now he's seen plenty.

Lawyerish said...


I am dying.

You. Rule.

Carmen said...

i dont' think i've ever been asked about hobbies on an interview. thank goodness! :)

Marmite Breath said...

Thank God I'm not the only one who doesn't know what a Tom Collins is.

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! You're a trip :-)

Amy said...

I honestly can't stop laughing...a Tom Collins hahahahah oh and Change Of Heart honestly is better!!!!

Christine said...


Hey if we move to Minneapolis, you can interview me for your firm. And we can both order a Tom Collins. And maybe discuss impressionist oil paintings of the Revolutionary War.

I'm so down.

Brony said...


Glad I'm not the only one who says silly things in interviews.
Happy TT!

s@m said...

Hahahahaha! Great list!!

I want you to interview me!!

Haley-O said...

Hilarious! You are too funny! I think I've had some strange conversations as an interviewee....Oh, I told the interviewer that my drive up to work was "scenic" and "pretty" -- it soooooo wasn't, and she knew it.

-R- said...

Boozie, thanks. I heart you too. And that is exactly my point about Change of Heart.

3cars, ha! I love that he lied about it to impress you.

Lawyerish, thanks. I have no idea why I said any of that.

Carmen, for some reason, I think all the law firms where I interviewed asked about hobbies.

Marmite, I had to look up the ingredients to write this post!

Janet, thanks, I think.

Amy, Blind Date is good but Change of Heart rules.

Christine, I would totally drink with you at the interview.

Brony, you are definitely not alone.

Sam, any time!

Haley-o, I hope that you could both laugh about your white lie. =)