Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Ramblings

I want to post something for you to read, but I am not feeling well, and staring at the monitor is making me kind of dizzy. This is not good. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow or work will be quite unpleasant.

So H and I have decided that this is the week that we are actually going to start getting up early and working out before going to work. I am optimistic that we can do it. Of course, I am optimistic every week when we make these same plans.

We bought Christmas presents for 5 of the 7 nieces and nephew today. Now we just have to get something for the other 2, my sister, my parents, and H's parents. Do you buy your parents presents for Christmas or Hannukah? If so, what do you usually get them. For my dad, I usually get a gift certificate or something golf-related. Last year, we got my mom and H's parents movie baskets, with a couple of DVDs, popcorn, movie candy, and a bottle of wine. But I have no idea what to get this year. This should not be a surprise since I can't even decide what to ask for myself.

Ok, I have to go do some laundry now. Damn, my life is so thrilling.

PS The Holiday House now has a giant inflatable dragon set up in the driveway.


Janet said...

as someone who has been waking up at the crack of dawn to work out for the past few month, my words of wisdom are just that the first 5 minutes are the abosulute worst. If you can just get up, and wake up, it's downhill from there. Good luck!

Jenny said...

I wake up at 4am every day.

Welcome to my nightmare.

3carnations said...

We have 13 nieces and nephews. It got to the point where we were getting such cheezy gifts for everyone to stay within some sort of reasonable budget. The siblings (to whom we are the black sheep) came up with various other plans over the years - Drawing names one year, which was perfect (except I had nearly finished all my shopping when they announced that was what they were doing in late November). Last year they wanted to buy for adults only with some ridiculously high spending range and just do stocking stuffers for the kids. What the heck?!? Aren't Christmas gifts really for kids, when it comes down to it? So we boycotted that and spent what we would have spent on everyone on a Grandparent's membership to a local museum/theme park place. Hubby's mom can take any or all of her children/grandchildren there for free. We will probably renew it this year. They got more than their money's worth.

My dad, we have been going with a gift card for he and his wife over the past couple years. My mom, we buy perfume and a few other things for.

Yez said...

3C, The grandparents' membership idea is the best!

-R-, I have a problem getting up early, never mind doing something as abhorrent as exercise :-) Friends and family have found that I will respond to a request for me to sit up. (Any other requests are met with a dismissive sneer and LOTS more sleep.) After 30 seconds of being vertical to that extent, my head clears and I can join the world in wakefulness (or at least I can walk to the coffeemaker).

I just saw the subtitle you gave me on your links and I love it!

-R- said...

Janet, that's a good point. If I can just convince myself to get up it won't be so bad.

Jenny, Nooooooooo! Did you get up so early before you became a mom? Please say yes, otherwise I may never have kids.

3cars, that is a really good idea for the grandparents! I think that if H and I have kids, we will cut back on the nieces and nephews, but for right now, it is still manageable (barely!).

Yez, glad you like the links. And I am glad I'm not the only one who can't get up in the morning!

Stinkypaw said...

Of course I get my parents(now only mom and her beau) gifts for Christmas! I tend to get them stuff they want but wouldn't get for themself. A few years back I gave them both chips for the casino with a dinner - they loved the fact that they made an evening of it and didn't have to pay for anything!

Last year I got my mom a weekend get away at a spa with some treatments...

For me this time of year is about giving... no matter how old the receiver is... or maybe that's just my "generosity" coming out?!

Marmite Breath said...

I usually get my Dad a book or CD (he is really easy to please) and we band together and get my Mum some sort of something or another that she wants. We work it out between the sisters.

I am thinking Omaha steaks for my Dad and FIL this year. They'll both LOVE that idea. For the Momma's, I'm not sure yet.

I went to the gym today! Yay me! They have TVs built into the treadmills, that's the only way I can stay on one for more than five minutes.

-R- said...

Spaw, I am with you. I know some people who don't exchange presents with their parents or siblings because it is all about the children/ grandchildren in their families. That is not a consideration in my family yet though!

Marmite, good job going to the gym! And Omaha Steaks is a good idea.