Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tour of the City

Whenever television covers something in Minneapolis, you see certain images.

the Spoonbridge and Cherry

the Minneapolis Skyline

Maybe even the Basilica

But there are some things you don't get to see.

Minnehaha Falls- a waterfall that is basically right in the middle of Minneapolis, about five to ten minutes from the Metrodome and downtown

crazy guy who climbed up under the waterfall

the famous Minneapolis bowling alley

Bunny on a Bell, which is right next to the Spoonbridge and Cherry

H on One Leg, one of the best looking statues in Minneapolis, in my opinion

I think that the next time I have to tell someone my hobbies, I am going to say I am a sculptor. Doesn't that sound impressive and artsy?

Also, I didn't mention this in my thirteen things in the last post, but I used to come home from interviews and tell H about the weird things I said, and he would always freak the heck out. Like somehow the interviewer would find out that I am not an impressionistic painter and hate me forever. (I was honest about everything else, I swear! I just think asking about hobbies is dumb and doesn't tell you whether I would be a good lawyer or not.) I actually got job offers from the interviews in which I said I was an oil painter and an American Revolution buff. But not from the one in which I talked about how awesome Change of Heart is. That interviewer must have been a Blind Date fan.


stefanie said...

Which famous bowling alley has TVs at the end of each lane?? Wouldn't that distract you from the ball-aiming and what-not?

If I were to name a "famous" Minneapolis bowling alley, I'd have to go with Bryant-Lake Bowl, but they're all old school and don't even have automatic scoring, so I'm certain the TVs are not there.

Jenny said...

H on one leg is fabulous.

But aren't most famous statues naked?

Just saying.

jonniker said...

I've actually never seen ONE of those images. I guess my Minneapolis knowledge is too slim.

Also, I died at your interview hobbies yesterday. And I am a Change of Heart fan, too. But what if someone asked you something specific about the American Revolution?

guinness girl said...

OMG, i have never seen any of these images of minneapolis, either, and I LOVE the rabbit one and the spoon and cherry one. WTF? The randomosity is fantastic. ;) H on One Leg was an excellent work of art. You're totally a sculptor!

PreppyGirl said...

How fun! I should take pics of a tour of Jamestown - um that is after I take pics of the Halloween houses... which I was supposed to do last night but didn't. I am going to start calling myself the blogger of empty promises.

WordVer = rwnoxmas - will there be no Christmas this year?

Anonymous said...

You totally have me stumped! If I had to guess a famous Mpls bowling center I would agree with stefanie on Bryant-Lake Bowl. I haven't been there in years, but I'm guessing they do not have automatic scorers, if they do I will be sad. My guess is Elsie's as that is the only other Mpls center that comes to mind...You'll have to clue me in!

stefanie said...

Oh, good call, Katrina. I forgot about Elsie's. I don't know that they have TVs, either, but that would definitely qualify for another well-known Mpls set of lanes.

And I can't believe the non-locals haven't seen the spoon bridge and cherry! I mean, it's not as shocking as when my boss (who has lived in the area for over 20 years!) said she had no idea what I was talking about it when I mentioned it (hello, lady, where on earth have you BEEN??), but it is a little surprising nonetheless. But then, I probably don't know any Jamestown or Philly or wherever else landmarks, so who am I to judge?

Stinkypaw said...

The interviewer MUST have been!!

Never seen any of these, but I've never really look at anything Minneapolis before either, so...

The Incredile H sure is showing his indredibleness and how balanced he is!

don't call me MA'AM said...

I love Minnehaha Falls. There's some tie to my childhood and Minnehaha (involving my grandmother and a trip), but it's too fuzzy to remember. The memory does keep Minnehaha Falls in a sentimental place for me, though.

Your H Statue is THE BEST. You are an amazing sculptor. The statue is so life-like!

Christine said...

You are an EXCELLENT sculptor!

I've never been to Minneapolis. But the spoon and cherry bridge sold me. Can people actually cross the spoon? It seems like you couldn't...drats!

Yez said...

Oh thank gawd that's a TV in the bowling alley. I was afraid it was live video of someone waiting their turn, and that would be SO RUDE :>

Love the sculptures (fine multicolor patina on Handsome Hunk Obstructing Path), but - who puts bunnies on bells? OMG is this yet another global trend which escaped me completely?

-R- said...

Stefanie, it's not really famous. It's just the bowling alley at GameWorks. They were showing football games as we bowled.

Jenny, good thing that I am a modern sculptor.

Jonniker, I would have made up something about Patrick Henry.

GG, those pictures were taken at the sculpture garden outside the Walker Art Center. I am sure the sculptures have deep meaning, but I don't know what that is.

Preppy, I break blog promises all the time, so don't worry about it.

Katrina, I have never heard of Elsie's!

Stefanie, I bet you know the Liberty Bell and the LOVE statue in Philly.

Spaw, actually, H was hopping around a little bit.

Ma'am, thanks!

Christine, no you can't walk on the spoon. Well, I guess you could try...

Yez, I don't think bunnies on bells is a trend. As far as I know, Minneapolis has the only one. =)

LC said...


Minehaha falls were one of the spots my friend H tok me to see when I visited Minneapolis.

I long to go back. Such a beautiful city.

-R- said...

I think the falls are really cool. When it gets warm again (in 6 or 7 months!), I am definitely going to go hiking around there!