Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My 200th Post!

Thirteen Things I Worry About But Shouldn't

1. What should I bring to H's friend's get-together on Friday?
2. Well, I am already planning on bringing a bottle of Boone's Farm (no, I'm serious; I owe him a bottle), but what besides that?
3. Where can I buy non-itchy pantyhose that is inexpensive? Target stopped selling normal brand pantyhose, and I don't want to go to a department store because it will be too expensive and I will probably get a run in the hose the first time I wear it.
4. When am I finally going to get my two new pairs of pants hemmed? Will my tailor lady remember that I made an appointment over a month ago and then forgot to show up? Will she be pissed?
5. What should I wear for my couple-date on Saturday night?
6. What if H says something weird and then the female half of the couple is scared to hang out with me at work? I only have two friends at work; I can't afford to lose one! (Ok, I do actually have a bunch of friendly acquaintances, but only two people I call to complain to or to get coffee with.)
7. What if I say something weird and then the female half of the couple is scared to hang out with me at work? (By the way, neither H nor I work with the male half of the couple.)
8. When am I going to finish my Christmas shopping?
9. What should I get my dad, H's dad, and my mom's s.o.? I thought of something good last night for one of them, but I have already forgotten both the item and which male it was for.
10. What if I run into my ex-friend at the No Coast Craft-o-Rama?
11. Can I afford to order new contacts this month so that I don't have to wear my glasses every day?
12. Should I add more blogs to my sidebar? There are blogs I should add - Jay Are's blog, LC's blog, and Janet's blog - but I don't want to end up with hundreds of links. And I am lazy.
13. How jealous are the neighbors going to be of our new, giant, awesome snowblower/freedom fighter?


Yez said...

I'm the only one of your commenters who cannot see a snowblower/freedom fighter. All I can see is a "ON UAW" decal on your back window. And, outside of the back window, abstract shapes which might possibly look like a mostly-balding guy holding a Halloween mask. Other than that, I got nothin' :>

Happy 200th!

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats on the 200th! Many, many more!

1. Bring something to eat like jalapenos poppers (home made), salsa, guacamole...

3. Don't they sell pantyhose in drugstores? They do here.

5. Clothes! ;-)

6. He's the Incredible H - trust him!

7. Trust yourself, c'mon! You have social skills, you just met with GF.

8. Try to do it before Christmas.

12. Add more, but don't take any off (please!)

13. If they're anything like ours - much!

jen said...

All pantyhose itch, don't they? I refuse to wear them except under extreme duress. Tights are the new pantyhose, I say (mainly because I am lazy and pantyhose run, requiring frequent replacement).

I'm glad I'm not the only person who worries about a lot of stuff I shouldn't! Your list is very familiar.

3carnations said...

Re: pantyhose: I stopped wearing skirts to work years ago, after they hired a receptionist who wore pants every day. I wondered why on earth I should bother dressing up more than the person that people actually SEE when they come in the office. The receptionist quit long ago (right after I informed management I was pregnant with my son, and they told her she should train to do my job while I was on maternity leave), but I still don't wear skirts anymore...Anyway, I used to buy pantyhose at the Hanes outlet store, or through their catalog ( They weren't as cheap as the cheapest ones out there, but there were definitely some decent deals. Trust me, I don't pay more than I have to for things, but I like a little quality.

Lawyerish said...

I loathe pantyhose and avoid it at all costs -- I generally go bare-legged in the summer and stop wearing skirts when it gets too cool to flash my ass-white legs around town -- but for emergencies and formal events, I keep on hand some Almost Bare stockings. You can buy them at the drugstore, cheap, and they're not all bind-y and itchy like most drugstore stockings. Check 'em out.

200 posts! Rock!

stefanie said...

I have the same dilemma about the links. Mostly I am lazy, but also I don't want a link list two feet long. There are a few links in there to sites I rarely read, but I feel bad delinking (even if I'd be delinking "big-name" bloggers who have no idea who I am).

I have barely started my Christmas shopping, so you're way ahead of me, I presume.

I had a pantyhose recommendation, but I don't remember the brand at the moment, and they may not even sell them anymore, as I probably haven't bought pantyhose in two years.

guinness girl said...

My friend Mandy swears pantyhose are "out" - but I still wear 'em sometimes when I want to feel more dressed up. I buy mine at places like Marshall's and Ross unless it's a really special occasion, and then I spring for the expensive stuff.

Do not worry at all about "saying something weird". Silly girl.

As for #1, I have lots of yummy appetizers! What sort of get-together is it? (Fancy? or Casual?) Email me and we will discuss.

Christine said...

Congratulations on #200!

But otherwise I am unhelpful except to say I always manage a run in my brand new pantyhose/stockings/whatever the first time I wear them.

And also I empathize with you on the contacts. They're itty bitty pieces of plastic, why do they cost so darned much?

don't call me MA'AM said...

Congrats on 200!

1. I vote for egg nog. I hate the stuff, personally... but it's always interesting to see who will drink it and who won't.

3. Try just don't join the club.

5. Ummm... that depends. What will you be DOING on your couple date?

6/7. You'll be fine. I think you're cool, therefore, you are. ;-)

10. Feign amnesia.

11. I LOVE your glasses! Tres chic!

12. I dunno... it takes over an hour to get through my list. :-(

Jonna said...

Pantyhose scares me, and just today I was thinking it should be eradicated.

HOWEVER, in other news, I am all for adding more links, because I do that pretty regularly. I think it's a nice thing to do, and though my blogroll is slightly out of control, I honest to God read every last one of them, and I love to show it. AND I love surfing other people's blogrolls.

-R- said...

Yez, I don't really see the freedom fighter either. Thank goodness I do not see the mostly-balding guy with mask either.

Spaw,thanks for the compliments and the helpful tips. =)

Jen, I actually don't mind wearing pantyhose. I cannot imagine showing up at the firm in a skirt without pantyhose. What kind of tights do you wear? I haven't found any that don't make me feel like I'm in elementary school.

3cars, it is so much easier to find skirts that fit well instead of pants. I love skirts for work.

Lawyerish, thanks for the pantyhose lead. Can you wear a skirt without pantyhose to work? I think maybe there is a small possibility I could do that on a "casual" Friday, but that's about it. I guess our litigators wear jeans on Friday though. It's a-whole-nother world!

Stefanie, I have not decided what to do about links yet. No pantyhose for you either? I am the only one!

GG, I decided to bake one of the cakes that was on your recipe list. It looks kind of weird right now, but I am hoping that in the morning it will have miraculously turned into the perfect cake.

Christine, glasses are expensive too, but at least I can wear them for a long time. Boo to contacts!

DCMM, I probably shouldn't give out the private details of my couple date, but for you, I will. We are going to dinner. I know, it is pretty risque.

Jonna, I am just worried about my life being overtaken my blog reading. But I suppose I read the blogs whether they are linked on my sidebar or not. And why the pantyhose hate? I am such a fashion faux pas!

3carnations said...

I totally agree that it's easier to find skirts that fit well - I just prefer pants. People seem to think that "petite" means 30 inch inseam for pants, when for me, it means 26 inch inseam. Lands End will hem pants for free. They are usually a little more expensive, but they have really nice khakis, and sometimes you can kind a pair for a really good deal in their overstocks section.

Jenny said...

Happy 200th!

A girl who knows her Boones.

You are so my friend.

JayAre said...

Ugh, pantyhose... I hate dressing up JUST BECAUSE of pantyhose. Of course, I only have to do it once or twice a year, so I should just suck it up. But still, UGH.

Happy 200th Post!!!