Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Bad List - Another Thursday Thirteen

Twice last week I had to stand for the entire bus ride to work. This week I had to stand once. I never realized how lurchy the bus was before. Let me reassure you that it is very lurchy, and I almost fell over multiple times. I was telling H about it, and he was upset that no one had offered their seat to me. At the time, it hadn't even occurred to me that someone might offer their seat to me. It was my fault that I didn't get to the bus stop earlier, so I didn't feel like anyone should get up for me.

This morning, I got the last seat on the bus. Yes! The last seat was in the middle of a little bench that can hold three people, but the girl on the left was taking up more than her fair share of the bench. She was not physically large, she was just sitting across two seats. I didn't care that she obviously did not want to make room for me because I was not going to stand again. I just smushed myself between the girl and some older guy and pulled out my book. I was very close to the older guy on my right, but I didn't care because I was sitting! I admit that I was thinking mean things about the girl for sitting awkwardly on the bench.

The bus hadn't started moving yet when the rude girl stood up. She gave her seat to a little old lady who had gotten on the bus at the last minute. I kind of felt bad for thinking mean things about Takes-Up-Two-Seats Girl, but then I decided that it was still rude of her to not make room for me, even if she did give up her seat for the older woman.

H and I had an argument about a guy we both know. Neither of us can stand the guy, but H said that even if the guy found the solution for peace in the Middle East, I would still hate the guy. And that is true. First, this guy does not ever do things for anyone else, so he would only create peace in the Middle East if he was going to make a lot of money off of it. Second, you can be a horrible person and still do the occasional good thing.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this. I have talked about this issue before, but I am obviously still working on it. I am definitely too judgmental about people. In my book, you are either good or bad. There is not a lot of room for in-between.

Here are some things you can do to get on my bad list (or things you can avoid to stay on my good list):

1. Intentionally hurt other people
2. Intentionally hurt animals
3. Be a bigot
4. Lie to make me look bad in front of other people
5. Be good friends with someone who you know does any of 1 through 4
6. Tell me how many calories are in something I'm eating
7. Act like all people who watch television are stupid
8. Enjoy "Two and a Half Men"
9. Think Christian Bale is not hot
10. Not laugh at my hilarious jokes
11. Be negative all the freaking time until I have to have a "friendship breakup"
12. Bring white chocolate peanut butter cups to work and trick me into eating one (and by "trick me into eating one" I mean "not put up a big sign that says THESE ARE GROSS! DON'T EAT THEM!")
13. Put on makeup while driving

Obviously, some of these items are only minor infractions (#8), while some are very serious and mean we can never be friends (#9). What would be on your list?


claire said...

When i attended RatherLarge University, we had to park our cars in a large P-Lot (that's what they called it, yeah) and take a commuter bus to the main part of campus. If i got there at a certain time, i always had the same driver and shared the bus with a huge load of people which usually forced me to stand. The driver always found a way to amuse himself while making turns. While stopped at a corner, he would put the bus in neutral, rev the engine and throw it into gear just as he made the turn at about 40 mph. I wound up ass-first in a few passengers laps on occassion.

This long, bus-related story also answers your Bad List question: Don't F with your passengers if you are a bus driver. This will get you on my Bad List.

Hails said...

I think you hit the nail on the head because most of these things annoy me to!

Happy TT!

Carmen said...

i will try to stay on your good side. :) I like 2 and a half men!

3carnations said...

I used to like Two and Half Men. I was even one of the first to see it, because we were in Vegas and did a prescreeing thing where you get to watch an episode of a show and then give your opinion on it. I think they even changed something I had commented on when the premiere came on, but I can't remember what it was. Anyway, I began boycotting the show after Charlie Sheen made his conspiracy theory comments about our government orchestrating 9/11. Whether or not you like the current administration, they aren't psycho enough to do something like that. Therefore, I do not enjoy Two and a Half Men anymore. I refuse to watch it.

Hmm...A thing on my bad list...People who smoke around their kids. I'd rather people did not smoke at all, but if you do, don't do it in the house or especially in the car with your children.

stefanie said...

I too hold grudges and resentments for probably longer than necessary at times. I do not, however, watch Two and a Half Men. So maybe we'd get along OK. :-)

Lawyerish said...

This list kills me.

Hmm. I have so MANY ways for people to make me hate them.

Excessive nudging, bumping or jostling.

People who sniffle, cough, hack and sneeze openly on the subway or airplanes.

Guys with perfectly tousled hair -- for some reason, this GRATES on my nerves. Like, we can TELL you worked on that hair for half an hour. GET OVER YOURSELF.

I could go on for hours, but I guess I should probably work instead.

Yez said...

Off the top of my head, in random order :>

Tailgate me
Post images for which you do not hold copyright
In a grocery store, eat or drink something you haven't paid for yet
Become irate when my cellphone goes to voicemail
Gather gossip (asking "What's new?" before giving me a chance to tell anecdotes - especially when we see or talk to each other frequently)
Betray confidences
Proselytize (it doesn't matter which religion; please respect my intelligence and stop trying to change my beliefs)
Declaw your cat (or dock your dog's ears or tail)
Allow your pet to become pregnant
Keep your infant in a snowsuit the whole time you're shopping in a heated store

Stinkypaw said...

Yikes! I got scared for a minute when I saw #8, and then I saw #9 (ok, let me confess something: the name didn't mean a thing so I Googled him - now that I know his name (I just didn't know it!) I've liked for a while without knowing his name - sorry!

Question for you: Would you remain friends with someone with whom H had an argument (it was really between them, nothing to do with you) even if H and such person no longer talk?

chirky said...

1. interrupt me while working, and by working i mean reading blogs (what? you think i concentrate this hard on the computer monitor when i'm actually performing employee-related matters?)

2. repeatedly offend me by wearing a plaid shirt involving these colors: turquoise, lime, cream and hunter's orange WITH a striped skirt involving these colors: chocolate, turquoise, cream and think it looks good.

PreppyGirl said...

I read #3 rather quickly and thought it said "Be a bigfoot" - in which case, you wouldn't like Galoot.

I hate it when people intentionally break the law just because "everyone else does it." Stuff like speeding, passing on the right, driving on the shoulder, etc. On a similar note, I hate when people think the rules don't apply to them. Grrrr.

LC said...

I am similar regarding the no 'in-between' friendship thing.

I hate friendship breakups, but sometimes they are necessary.

To me, lying kind of sums it up. Why do you feel like you need to lie to me? You did it, when did you do it/will do it again?

It just becomes pointless.

Christine said...

This list makes me laugh...I'm pretty easily angered. But I hate loud eaters, sloppy or slurpy eaters, but ice crunchers don't bother me. Go figure.

Also, Lawyerish made me laugh too with her guy with tousled hair comment. In college I was seeing some guy with I guess slightly longer than chin length hair, and after we would mess around he would arrange his hair down, meanwhile I would totally rock my 'fro. Alas, for the obvious reasons, it wasn't meant to be. He was much prettier than I was. But gawd was he good looking. Yowza.

Anonymous said...

White peanut butter cups and Two and a Half Men do stink, you're right!!!
Good list! Happy TT!

don't call me MA'AM said...

Does putting lipstick on at stoplights/signs count? Cause I do that.

I hate people who tailgate me, speed up to get around me, and then slow down when they pull in front of me. They suck.

Good list.

-R- said...

Claire, that is just mean! I don't think my bus driver intends to be lurchy; I think lurching just happens in stop and go traffic. The 40mph turns though- geez!

Hails, good. I'm glad we agree!

Carmen, ooo that is one point against you.

3cars, I don't really care about Charlie Sheen personally, although Martin Sheen seems like a good guy.

Stefanie, I knew you had good taste.

Lawyerish, ha! I love the tousled hair discussion. It only bothers me if the guy pretends like he doesn't spend a lot of time on it. If he admits that he preens, then I am ok with it.

Yez, whoa! I will just say that I hate tailgaters too.

Spaw, interesting question. If H's friend didn't do anything bad to H, I would stay friends with the friend, I think.

Chirky, my eyes hurt just thinking about that outfit.

Preppy, no, I am ok with big feet. =)

LC, is it ok if I lie about my hobbies?

Christine, my friend dated a guy like that in college. Two years later, he came out of the closet.

Annamary, thanks.

DCMMa'am, no, at stoplights doesn't count if it doesn't interfere with your driving.

schneids said...

hmm. i thought i was on your good list until i read your last one. I do not do the makeup thing very often, but it has been known to happen when i am in a hurry.

Should i expect a friendship break up from you? That would make me sad.

also...what i hate is when people make comments that they think are fine to say, but are offensive to some. Like "that's so gay" or something like that.