Monday, November 06, 2006


H grew up on a farm. And yet, we have so many older pictures of H in which he is making pseudo-gang signs. H has a law degree, is white, and currently lives really far out in the suburbs. He is as non-gangsta as someone can possibly be. Besides H's brother. If there were a Non-Gangsta Award, H's brother would win it. Although, I am sure I would be in the top 10 for making up something called the Non-Gangsta Award. That is pretty non-gangsta of me.

So what is with my blog today? I know it exists, and yet, I cannot see it. Are you there, blog? It's me, Margaret. I am hoping the mystery of the disappearing blog is why my stats are so low today. Otherwise, you all hate me, and that is just mean. I can tell how many people look at my blog each day. Today, the number was about 1/8 of the usual number. Come back, everyone! I am boring, but I am here! Feel free to make suggestions for what I should blog about during this month of Blogging Every Day That I Have Internet Access, Even If That Means I Have to Write Posts That Kind of Insult (But Not Really) My Brother-In-Law.

PS Go tell Lawyerish how amazing she is for running the NYC marathon on Sunday!


stefanie said...

You crack me up with your non-gangsta self. And I tried to visit today. At least three times. Your blog temporarily did not exist. I definitely think you can blame your low stats on that.

Word verification: mhqxahow
I don't know what language that is, but I'm pretty sure it's pretty un-gangsta as well.

-R- said...

I don't know what happened with my blog. I thought maybe it was blogger, but no, it was just me. Word up.

Ha, I crack myself up in my attempts to move into the top 5 in the non-gangsta list.

Marmite Breath said...

Wassup? Yo, R in the mutha grabbin hizous!

I am the O.G.
The O.G of Nerdville, that is.

Today I checked my stats for the first time in two weeks. They were starting to scare me.

Why don't you blog about your siblings and your favourite memories with them. I'd like to hear that.

3carnations said...

Your blog did disappear...Don't worry, you are just as popular as ever...Except maybe to the gangstas...

Lawyerish said...

I think my husband and I could give anyone a run for their money on Non-Gangsta-ness. Except that we live in New York City. And we're, like, within a couple of miles of Harlem. And the Bronx. Yo. And -- AND! -- I RAN through the Bronx AND Brooklyn. Yo yo yo yo yo!

(Thanks for the shout-out! God, my legs are sore. SORE. The second day is even worse than the day after.)

JayAre said...

I couldn't see your blog here, but I could see it on bloglines.

I love white gangsta-ness! You should see me dance. I am the whitest white there ever was.

schneids said...


But, when i first met you, i immediately thought "now that's a gangsta".

congrats to lawyerish...running a marathon is a goal of mine for next year. I am very impressed...awesome!

I personally think that you should do a whole blog that is set to rap or hip hop music. That would prove your true non-gangsta-ness. ('cause would a true rapper really post it on a blog??).

here is a sample for you. (set to the song "London bridge" that is still in my head):

"How come every time you come blog will always shut down...always shut down....causing my num-numbers to go down"

Sparkling Cipher said...

Ha, I wondered what was going on. That's the same thing that happened to Don't Call Me MA'AM a couple weeks ago. It was all blank for a day, then suddenly it was there again.

I once said "Yo" to someone at work. She laughed for five minutes. I think I might be un-gangsta, too.

guinness girl said...

I like to think that my frequent use of the word "dude" makes me gangsta-ish, yo.

jes said...

My husband is the whitest white man of whiteness that I've ever known. And still? He loves rap. And sings rap around our friends.

I think that ups his gangsta factor.

Christine said...

Yeah, you were all MIA yesterday. Sad, sad.

Welcome back, ain't it good to be a gangsta.

PreppyGirl said...

Galoot has taught the kids to sing Public Enemy. He yells "BASS" to which the kids answer "How low can ya go?" My daughter then follows with, "Death row to ya brother yo!"

I think this should sum it up for ya:

White & Nerdy


LC said...

I told a coworker 'What up, yo?' when he was walking by my office.

He busted up laughing and he couldn't stop.

I think that proves how non-gangsta I am.

shopper said...

I didn't show up the day you had disappeared, but things look ok today. Though the comment box did freak out on me just now. I'm about as gangsta as Kip was in Napolean Dynamite. ;)