Sunday, December 17, 2006

Overheard in Minnesota

Earlier this week...

H: We got two packages from today.
Me: Don't open them.
H: Can I just open the small one?
Me: No.
H: Ok, I'll just open the big one.
Me: No.
H: Fine. I'll only open both of them.
Me: No.
H: I'll just guess what is in them, and you tell me when I guess right.
Me: No.
H: What if I open them, look inside, but then tape them back up and pretend to be surprised when I open them again?
Me: Let me think about it. No.
H: I'm going to open them when you leave for work.
Me: No, you're not.
Me: NO!

Today we exchanged presents. We are going to be out of town for Christmas. Plus today we went to a performance of "A Christmas Carol" that H's cousin was in, which was surprisingly good. And I wanted to give H some time to play around with one of his presents. I gave H a cordless circular saw (that he picked out) and a pair of cuff links. H gave me some gorgeous diamond earrings. It was a very Christmas-y day.


Janet said...

diamond earrings...drooool

our "christmas" is on wednesday, I'm excited!

Nat said...

Aw. Sweeeet!

I'm not very good at keeping Christmas secrets, so I would have already blabbed to H what was in the packages, if I were you.

digital janitor said...

Ok, assuming the earrings were in the small box (jewelry from Amazon?) that doesn't cover the big box. What other treats did you get?

3carnations said...

Merry early Christmas! Here's hubby's line when he wants to open a box that comes into the house at Christmas time: "I have a right to know what's coming into my house." Nice try.

schneids said...

i agree with H. If it comes to he house...i should be allowed to open it. Just sayin.

That is also why W has Christmas packages now delivered to her office.

Sigh. ;-)

schneids said...

nice on the earrings by the way! Sweet!

p.s. i first, i read your post as that you got him "hand cuffs" not "cuff links". Hehe...made me laugh...

lizgwiz said...

Diamonds ARE a girl's best friend!

stefanie said...

Diamonds for you and power tools for him... how perfectly gender stereotypical of you. ;-)

(I'm totally just kidding, by the way. Those both sound like excellent gifts.)

Stinkypaw said...

Cool! Next thing: for you to post a picture of those babies! and don't forget the incredible H's power tool!

PreppyGirl said...

Again, Galoot & H, possibly separated at birth.

Diamond earrings! - Yay you!

metalia said...

You lucky girl! Wear them in good health! (Hmmm. Interesting. I am apparently turning into my grandmother.)

Lawyerish said...

Diamond earrings! Well done, H! Well done.

Is it odd that I get very excited about what other people got for Christmas?

-R- said...

Oh my freaking goodness. I just wrote out replies to each of you and then the computer lost them. I am so pissed.

jonniker said...

Diamond earrings! I found this whole post so cute.


Jhianna said...

Oh yeah - Hubby is all over packages too. His standard line is "What did you get me? Huh, huh, huh? Let me one just one."