Monday, January 01, 2007

Help Wanted

Because you were so helpful when I needed DVD suggestions, I am coming to you with three more questions. The topics are quite varied this time.

QUESTION ONE: Where should I go in Florida? I believe some of you are pretty familiar with Florida. If I want to go to Florida in March or April, where should I go? I want to spend a few days (let's say at least four) sitting around at the beach and/or pool doing nothing. Then perhaps we will go to Orlando for a day or two so that H can do the amusement park thing. Suggestions? Let us assume that I do not want to be surrounded by Daytona 500 fans or mentally challenged Spring Breakers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

QUESTION TWO: Have you ever been given a wine of the month club deal as a present? Or have you ever bought such a deal for someone else? I want to buy this for someone's upcoming birthday, but I am scared of being scammed by people who arrange it so that their "business" appears first when someone Googles "wine of the month club." Again, any recommendations would be great.

QUESTION THREE: If you could buy just one of the purses below (in black), which one would you buy, assuming you could afford it?

This first one?

This second one?

Or neither because my taste in purses suck? If you hate both my options, please feel free to suggest you own choice!

In appreciation of any advice you may have for me, I shall show you the second image of my Project 365. I call this one "Count H-ula."


janet said...

I've had a ton of fun in Miami before, as well as the Destin/Pensacola area.

And I'm kinda liking Purse #1 better?

Oh man I forget the other question now. Clearly I need sleep!

Libragirl said...

I can't give you advice on FL or Wine, but purses, I am a purse whore

I like the first one in English Tan. You had it on the bone color which is nice but the Tan is really nice.

beingmccrary said...

1. Don't go to Fort Myers. I do know that.

2. I'm not sure about the wine of the month. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure about wine, just not sure how the "of the month" part works out.

3. I like purse #2, but only if I can get that strap over my shoulder, then purse #1.

jonniker said...

This may come as a shock, but I would, perhaps, recommend you come here-ish, and not just because I live here, but because vacationing here is gorgeous, honestly. Drop me an e-mail with more details on what you're looking for, if you like.

Orlando is a ways away from anywhere beachy (at least an hour-ish), though there is Flagler and Tampa.

Miami is a lot of fun, but it is most certainly not relaxing, and South Beach made me want to poke my eyes out with sticks. Much of the east coast is more densely populated than the west (high rises, throngs of New Yorkers), and while it has its advantages, I've come to prefer the sleepier west coast.

Galoot said...

Ft. Myers is certainly quieter than the east coast of Florida. A lot of older folks, slower pace. Still, good food abounds.

Key West isn't quiet, but you could probably relax if you wanted to. The bed and breakfasts down there are some of the best deals around and many of them have cottages surrounding a small pool area.

You could probably relax and let H have a good time in Orlando. Universal Studios is supercool.

When you're planning to go is considered "season" for tourists, so your lodging will be a bit pricier.

Whatever you do, get seafood at local places or regional restaurants while you're down there. Good eats!

Lawyerish said...

I was surprised at how much I liked South Beach, because I am not cool and don't enjoy clubbing or anything of the sort. The beach is very pretty, the Art Deco is awesome, and you can take a little day trip to Key West -- I went down once and rented a convertible for the day, and it was a blast.

That said, Naples is also very nice -- I was just there this fall, and it was laid back and the beach was great, etc. It's less compact than South Beach, so I didn't have the sense that everything was within walking distance, but I think there was a trolley from our hotel to town, so it's not difficult to get around.

Feel free to email me -- I am no Florida expert, but I can give hotel reviews for both places.

Bag Number 2.

Katrina the Ballerina said...

My Florida advice is not what you're looking for--you know I would be at Disney for as many days as I could possibly afford!
Also, no answers for your wine of the month club question...
But, I LOVE the 2nd purse: Dharla.

Sparkling Cipher said...

I don't have experience with wine, but if you know someone who likes coffee or tea, I definitely recommend Gevalia's coffee or tea of the month, available for 3, 6, or 12 months. I usually get that for my sister and she loves it.

And I like Purse #2. Cleaner lines. I prefer for my purse to not have a lot going on on the outside. Lord knows it's busy enough on the inside.

J.Doe said...

I prefer Bag #2. I have a bag similar to bag # 1, with a clasp on the outside, and while it might LOOK nice, it is not functional at all. The purse never closes equally when I have stuff inside, and it makes no difference whether there are only a few items in it or it is stuffed solid.
Also there is no zipper in it, only the little clasp so it is really just a shop lifters dream as one can easily slip his hand in the open 2 ends.

stefanie said...

1. I can't really help you out from experience (my only trip to Florida was Orlando with my parents when I was 14), but my ex-boyfriend loved Key West and talked about it often.

2. Sorry; can't help you there.

3. I prefer #2.

Love the H-ula picture.

lizgwiz said...

Never been to Florida, no experience with wine-of-the-month clubs, but I'm digging purse number 2.

Paisley said...

Never been to Florida.

I'd say #2!

We used to belong to the Bonny Doon wine of the month club. Great wine, fun labels, super sense of humor. I highly recommend it.

jes said...

I'd choose the brown FURLA, because it looks more classic than the trendy eggshell option, which will go out of style in approximately .03 seconds.

Also, I am no help in the Florida or wine departments. I've only been to Daytona, which is totally NOT where you want to be. And I'm just learning to drink and appreciate wine without vomiting all over myself, so I don't think you want my two cents about wine clubs. Because this would be my response: "Durrrrr."

Kat said...

1. I like Key West for Florida and think it's a great way to relax and have a great time. Lots to do.

2. Try Wilson Creek wineries for a wine of the month. I don't know your budget, but I know that they have excellent wines and their monthly selection is very nice.

3. The second one.

Christine said...

1. I haven't been to Miami, if you are going to definitely do the Orlando thing, you could do Tampa-ish or Daytona-ish for beaches (they're on opposite sides of the state with Orlando sort of midway). I hear Clearwater by Tampa is lovely, I would stay away from Daytona around March because of the springbreakers and I think the Daytona 500 happens around mid February, and is NO FUN. If you do Tampa or Clearwater you could do BuschGardens instead of Disney. Less Disney sugary magic, more rollercoasters, depending on your desires.

2. I'm at work and couldn't see the second purse. Weep!

3. I DID buy a wine of the month membership for a former roommate. I got it from here I did the cheapo version or *ahem* the Premium Series, in one red, one white, for three months. She liked it a lot. I would just suggest using an address where you know soemone will be there to receive it.

-R- said...

You people rule! I am never going to make a decision on my own again! Yes!

I would also like to remind everyone that I will be purchasing the purse in black, so do not let the weirdness of the color of Purse #1 affect your vote.

I love you guys!

Marmite Breath said...

I like bag #2 also. It's very clean looking.

I lived in Jacksonville, which, you know, depending on what you're looking for in a holiday isn't bad at all. There's beach and wine. Both important.

Could H be any cuter? I think not.

L Sass said...

I love purse #2! I think #1 is a little trendier and therefore less classic... (You should totally obey my advice since you're obsessed with my clothes, right?)

Stinkypaw said...

I'd go for #2 purse, seems a little less trendy thus, better investment?!

(OK so I'm more practical than trendy!)

I've been to FLorida twice, Miami, and next time I'm going back it is only for Disney!

double_g said...

Can't help with the Florida or wine ?'s, but I prefer purse #2.

guiness girl said...

Dang, am I the only one who prefers purse #1? Something about the handle on #2 isn't quite right, but I am totally unfashionable, so what do I know?

As for Florida - are you wanting to drive between Orlando and the beach/pool town? If not, I would say Destin area (where I'm from), because we have the prettiest beaches and sand (snow white)...although it might be a little chilly for swimming if you go in March. Orlando is fairly near (like, within an hour and a half) of New Smyrna Beach, which isn't bad. Or - I'm not sure the distance between the two - but Sanibel/Captiva Islands (right next to each other) are some of the world's most beautiful places in my opinion. OR - beach, smeach - come to Philly!

guinness girl said...

Hey! I forgot to suggest Mayo Family Winery for a wine club, and also maybe Freemark Abbey. Mmm. Also, I randomly misspelled my own "name" in my last comment. Doh!

liz said...

Purse #2.

No opinion on Fl. My favorite times have been at WDW.

Wine-of-the-month, my husband got one for my MIL, but I don't know which (much help I am, right?). However, if you want to send the best fruit in the world, get the fruit-of-the-month club from Harry and David.

maliavale said...

Yay! I like to be helpful.

1. St. Pete. It's relaxing, pretty, not filled with absurdity. Quaint, almost. And nearby airport and city (Tampa).

2. The wine thing, I'd just buy from a reputable seller. Maybe start looking on Amazon, or ask a wine store nearby for a reference? Or even call one in the city where your friend lives and see if they do one.


theotherbear said...

1. Disneyworld for the whole vaction. Although I am odd like that.
2. No idea
3. I LOVE purse # 2. I hate the first one. I now must have purse # 2 for myself!

metalia said...

I've only been to Disneyworld and Miami, and both of thise were fun. Beyond that, I'm not much help here.

I'm into purse # 2; it's classic, but with a twist.

Laura B. said...

Definitely purse #2. I want one, too.

(I secretly love Count Chocula.)

-R- said...

Laura B., are you hitting on my husband?

princess slea said...

Well Ft. Lauderdale is nice with some fun little places not far from the beach to eat, drink, and be merry (Southport Raw Bar). There is a very cool arcade/go cart/ fun zone called "Grand Prix RaceORama" that used to be open 24 hours (many 2am runs to the race o rama while in college).

For a real theme park experience I actually prefer Busch Gardens in Tampa (over disney). Plus, the Gulf side of Florida has sandy white beaches. You could get a hotel in St. Pete which is right outside of Tampa but on the beach.

Purses...out of the two you listed, I like number two better. My absolute favorite purse designer is Isabella Fiore. I've gotten myself into trouble at the purse section of many a store.

the wine? I just heard today from one of Pgirl's friends about an "at home" business called Traveling Wine. You might google that and find a consultant in your area.

PreppyGirl said...

I would recommend Key West for sure. Laid back and walk everywhere (as long as you stay in or near old town). If you decide on Key West Galoot and I can recommend many a cool place off the beaten path to check out.

Fort Lauderdale is way busy but totally happening too. We can also make many recommendations if you're thinking about it.

#1 purse for sure. Way more fun.

Good luck on the wine thing. If there's one thing I know about wine it's that I like to drink it - and that's about it.