Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lazy Post

The skating rink we went to on Friday had the normal features of a skating rink: (1) a rink, (2) carpeted DJ booth, (3) crazy carpet decorated with what I like to call party sprinkles (pictured below), and (4) 40-year-old men in tank tops. But it also had

what appears at first glance to be a regular fish tank. "That's not very weird," you say. But look!

That fish freaks me the heck out. I can't believe I am even putting a picture of it on my own blog because it freaks me out so much.

What does not freak me out? A picture of H on skates.

And here is a picture of us doing our patented skating move.

Notice how we only try this when not moving.

But really, you want to know what my front steps look like after it snows, don't you? Ok, I will show you.

So we didn't leave the house on Monday, but not because of the snow. It was because of this.

The Wii! Some friends actually came over and tested out the Wii with us, but I don't have their permission to post their pictures, so here is another picture of H.

In other news, I have gotten hundreds of e-mails (where hundreds = zero) asking me what H is going to post about. I don't know! Will it be about H's boyfriends Eddie Vedder and Clive Owen? Will it be about why he is mean and wouldn't let me read jury questionnaires? Or will it be about him making fun of me because my arm hurts from playing with the Wii yesterday? It is yet to be determined! But hopefully it will be coming soon.


stefanie said...

Maybe H can write about how he needs to teach you to rotate your pictures.

I kid, I kid.

And that fish was damn freaky.

Nat said...

I want H to do a post! Tell him to post about his job. Or Eddie Vedder, whatever!

Have you never seen a fish like that before? They creep me out too but are very good for cleaning the tank. They give me the heebie jeebies.

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your skating move. You guys are SO meant to be on Skating with Celebrities or at the very least, Skating with Blogger Friends in the Frigid North (coming soon on Fox).

When you say you don't have your friends' permission to post their pics, do you mean you haven't asked them or you asked them and they said no? Because if they said no, they may not want to be seen, and I would check posters at the Post Office for reasons why they do not want the world to see their cuteness. (By cuteness, I mean cuteness, I was not using cuteness for a euphemism).

L Sass said...

Just be careful with that Wii... It looks like you have a pretty nice TV there--you don't want to wreck it with an escaped controller!

lizgwiz said...

I actually have a handmade cookie cutter of a plecostamus--the sucker fish. Someone gave it to me--I can't remember why, but it's cool.

I love your signature move--you guys are too cute!

Paisley said...

wow - that signature move is IMPRESSIVE!


laurie said...

You and your husband are SO FREAKING CUTE! And snow! How are you surviving? Here we had arctic cold (highs only in the 50s!!) and I wasn't sure if I should go into work....LOL

You and hubby must be the envy of the county with your new Wii. No one can get them here, all sold out!

LC said...

I love the Wii!

I was invited to a christmas party and the owners had a Wii, so this one guy and I were playing the boxing game and I got overtly excited and once I got too close to the TV and hit it, and secondly, I tried to punch too hard and the controller just flew out of my hand.

I am certain I will not be invited to any more Wii parties.

Have H post already!

And those fishes are cleaners. I don't really think that is their name, but they're supposed to clean the tank from impurities and whatnot. I don't like them either.

princess slea said...

we saw a Wii in stock at Kmart last week but passed on buying it only because we are playing catch up from christmas.
i'm sure we'll have one by spring. from what i hear it's like disguised exercize which is what i need.
tennis anyone?

JayAre said...

I love your patented skating move! So cute!

I have two of those algae eaters, and they creep me out 'cause the darn things WILL NOT DIE. I kill goldfish like a shark, but one of my algae eaters (nicknamed Gerry, short for Geriatric) has been alive for 9 years and counting. Sometimes he disappears for months on end, and I'm like, "Oh! Yay! I can empty the tank to clean it ('cause there no way to catch the damn thing)!" And then all the sudden he'll show up again. Creepy little devil.

chirky said...

The fish. They throw me off, because I can't get past the first paragraph. I keep thinking the fish tank is the carpet, and I'm looking for the confetti in the carpet, and IT'S JUST NOT THERE.

metalia said...

I...don't like that fish. It's staring at me.

stefanie said...

Hey! You fixed your pictures! Yay! :-) Well done, R.

Also, I forgot to mention in my first comment that you should have taken a slightly further away picture of that fish tank, to demonstrate how it was built right into the (carpeted) wall in some random corner of the building. That was even weirder. Come to think of it, there were weird, kitschy and disjointed elements all over that place. Kind of like a 1970s basement rec. room. Is that a good analogy, you think? Still, I totally want to go back. ;-)

Red said...

Oh mah gah, I can't deal with the tank sucking fish. They're so wrong. And yet apparently they keep the tank clean! Go figure. Maybe I could use one in my apartment to keep things tidy...

LC said...

It's the tank's ROOMBA!

guinness girl said...

OMG, could you two be any cuter? LOVE the patented skating move.

Lawyerish said...

I kind of jumped -- and I may have gasped, and/or clutched at my chest -- when I saw that fish picture. Uh, GROSS.

Love the patented skating move. I have not been roller skating in waaaay too long!

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Please, please, please invite me over.

don't call me MA'AM said...

You two are sooooo cute!