Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weekend in Review

I really cannot describe the skating event better than Stefanie, so check out her review, complete with pictures here. We had a good time, and Stefanie's friends were very cool. And no one fell! It was quite the accomplishment. But I said I wasn't going to describe it, so what am I doing? I didn't take as many pictures as Stefanie did, but perhaps I will share a few tomorrow.

In completely random news, we are getting a Wii tomorrow. H has been wanting a Wii since they came out before Christmas, but he did not want to sleep outside a store all night to get one, nor did he want to pay too much on eBay for one. So he asked his mom and some friends to keep their eyes open for one, and H's mom found one at the ShopKo near his hometown. Score! H's mom is going to be in town for work tomorrow, so she is bringing the Wii with her. Thus, H will probably not be leaving the house tomorrow. But it snowed all day today anyway, so we probably weren't going to go out anyway, except to actually use the new snowblower for the first time.

What else is going on? We are going to have a Super Bowl party at our house. If you are reading this, you are probably invited. (Brianne and Stefanie, this means you.) Our friend was going to host a party but realized that his apartment could not hold the number of people he wanted to invite. Since we also know the people he was inviting, we offered to host the party. Plus, we have a grill. And a KitchenAid.

To come: pictures of rollerskating, pictures of the Wii, and hopefully a blog post by H. If you want H to post, please mention this in a comment because I think he needs some encouragement.


metalia said...

Sounds like it was awesome; and I'm happy to hear that no one fell!

(H, pretty please do a guest post!)

stefanie said...

I felt so out-of-the-loop when I saw a sign outside Target in December notifying people that the line for Wii would start there. I had no idea what the hell a Wii was, but I knew I wouldn't be standing outside for one anyway.

I definitely think H should write a guest post.

steve said...

I've never understood the whole waiting outside in line for hours to buy something idea. I've never wanted any gadget bad enough to stand out in the cold for it.

Another vote for an H guest post.

L Sass said...

AS and his roommate have been threatening to buy a Wii. I think I would enjoy playing it from time to time, but I am concerned that I would never see my boyfriend again! At least you and H are married... slightly harder for him to leave you for a video game system.

PreppyGirl said...

I remember buying Galoot a PlayStation when we were dating. Didn't see much of him after that (he goes through addcition cycles). Hope you get to use that Wii too!

lizgwiz said...

I'm going to go ahead and consider myself invited to your Super Bowl party. Don't worry--I won't turn into a crazy stalker and actually try to come all the way from Oklahoma and FIND YOU AND YOUR PARTY (cue stalkerish music), but it's always nice to feel wanted. Hee.

-R- said...

Metalia, it was definitely awesome.

Stefanie, H and I drove by a Best Buy one Saturday night at 8 pm, and there were people camped out there. Scary!

Steve, me neither. Although I do think my mom had to jump through some hoops (metaphorically to get me a Cabbage Patch Kid in 1985.

L sass, he picked up the Wii a few hours ago and has not stopped playing since. It was nice to know you, H!

Preppy, H goes through addiction cycles too. A little too frequently for my taste, but oh well.

Liz, sorry to leave you out. I just didn't want you to feel obligated to make the 12(?) hour drive up I-35. Of course you are invited.

Stinkypaw said...

Wiiiiii! The Incredible H must post!

-R- said...

Spaw, hopefully these comments will encourage him. Hopefully he will also be able to tear himself away from the Wii for 10 minutes.

3carnations said...

H, please post. There have been rumors that you do not know how to type. You can only dispel these rumors by posting.

-R- said...

3cars, taunting him was a good choice! Hopefully, he will now have to prove himself to you and all those doubters.