Monday, January 08, 2007

Yes, I am Nosey

What is the point of having a husband who gets to do cool things like select the members of a jury if he won't let you read the questionnaires potential jury members fill out?

Sure, it is nice to have a husband who is ethical and takes his job and the privacy of others seriously, blah, blah, blah... I want to read those questionnaires!


janet said...

I am so nosy too! I would be right there with you. But see, my husby doesn't have a job right now, so he does things like play poker. Not so interesting huh!

3carnations said...

I'm nosy, too! All those ethical issues don't actually apply to spouses too, do they? :P

lizgwiz said...

It does seem like there should be some sort of "spousal privilege," doesn't it? 'Cause you just know there's some wild stuff on there from the folks trying their darndest to get out of jury duty.

PreppyGirl said...

I'm pretty sure not disclosing the questionnaires to you is the same as being evasive which is essentially lying - right? Husbands should never lie to their wives.
Tsk tsk H. ;)

L Sass said...

What?!? I think you're totally entitled to the jury dirt!

Christine said...

We are not nosy...just inquisitive.

Christine said...

We are not nosy...just inquisitive.

chirky said...

Maybe he'll let you read them AFTER the jury is selected?

And then maybe you can accidentally (whoops! an accident!) post them on here for us to read, also?

metalia said...

Ha! I'd do the same thing. Perhaps you can create a diversion (involving a D-list celebrity in your front yard, for instance) and he'll abandon the questionnaires long enough for you to get some dirt. ;)

Red said...

That's a cool job! Does that mean you get out of jury duty?

-R- said...

Janet, is your husband looking for a job or is he taking some time off after election season?

3cars, I think you are right. Spouses don't count!

Lizgwiz, I know! There are probably some totally crazy answers that I WANT TO KNOW.

Preppy, keeping secrets = lying = bad for the marriage, right? I will have to talk to H!

Sass, I agree.

Christine, I just have a healthy thirst for knowledge. You are correct.

Chirky, I am sure that would raise no ethical issues at all. I will see what I can do.

Metalia, I think I could just turn on the Simpsons DVD and that would really provide enough distraction.

Red, I don't know yet, as I haven't been called for jury duty. I would actually like to be on a jury though!