Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Can Find Me In the Club, Bottle Full of Bub

Metalia recently wrote a post about her mad dancing skillz, or lack thereof. It reminded me that in college, I used to go out dancing on occasion. This was during my "Boys Will Only Like You If You Dress Kind of Slutty" phase. I like to think all females go through such a phase. Maybe some people are able to bypass this phase and go straight to normalcy, I am not sure. Luckily, my BWOLYIYDKoS phase was short-lived and was confined to when I was "going out."

Exhibit A is a picture of my friends and I sophomore year of college, getting ready to go out to a club. (I say "a club" as though there was more than one club in the city where I went to college. There was not.)

I am the one on the left. First, please note that I am about 6 inches shorter than all my friends. Why do I always have tall friends? Second, you will see that I am a fan of the v-neck; the bigger, the better. Third, what the heck did I do to my hair? It is so poofy! Fourth, I do believe you are seeing the entire skirt in this picture. It was pretty tiny. Fifth, dressing like this did not get me a single guy, so don't bother trying this at home.

Exhibit B demonstrates that I also enjoyed dressing as a young farm girl.

Here I am wearing overalls. This is the most flattering picture of me in overalls that I could find, but unfortunately, there are multiple pictures of me wearing these overalls. I have scanned this with a scrap of paper covering my face because my glasses were embarrassingly nerdy and I can't get the photo-editing thingamajig to work anymore. At least I was not wearing shortalls. Even I had to draw the line somewhere.

Exhibit C really is not related except that it was also taken sophomore year of college.

My roommate and I had huge crushes on this guy. He was a friend of a friend, so we went to all the same parties and hung out at his apartment and such. I do have some funny stories about him, but I feel like I am invading his privacy enough by posting this picture of him in which he looks totally stoned. But in all fairness, he probably was stoned. I was quite willing to overlook that fact though, as hotness basically radiated from his pores. I have no idea why there was a traffic cone in this apartment.

Can you tell I still have writer's block? Aargh.


3carnations said...

You don't usually block out your own face. When I saw the first picture, I figured it was just because you were blocking your friends' faces (protect the innocent and all), but you blocked yours in the picture that was only you. Are you more anonymous now? ;)

stefanie said...

Overalls AND plaid bedding! I went to college about five years before you did, and yet, those details seem not to have changed.

Also, that t-shirt is not slutty. The skirt? Well, I don't know about that; I'd have to see the whole thing to be sure.

Lawyerish said...

Is it weird if I tell you that your boobs look great in that first photo? Well, I just did. So there.

Shortalls. HAHAHAHA!

I think all guys' apartments had traffic cones in them in college. Looks like a healthy buffet there on the table, too. God bless college.

-R- said...

3cars, usually I post the picture and then a few days later either take the picture down or edit my face out of the picture. It's kind of weird, but that's just my thing, I guess.

Stefanie, I did have plaid bedding, but that is not even my bed! Trust me that the entire outfit together was pretty bad. That skirt was so short.

Lawyerish, I am not sure if that is weird or not, so I will just say thanks! I see Wendy's, Taco Cabana, and McDonald's in that last picture. We were so healthy!

Marmite Breath said...

Look at that bod!!! WOOOOOOOAH!!!!
Lawyerish--you beat me to it.

The boy in the photo does ooze college coolness. I think the Vans do it. Looking at that picture, I can almost smell his breath--cigs and Wendy's. Aaah, memories.

boozie said...

Holy hell yes he was stoned. McDonalds, Wendy's AND some other sort of midwestern fast food and store-brand ketchup = stoned.

PreppyGirl said...

Beer, Ketchup and cigarettes. The breakfast of champions.

Guys in Vans are always cool. Galoot has 3 or 4 pairs. Wait - did I just contradict myself?

lizgwiz said...

When I was in high school (back in the dark ages) I had painter's pants overalls, with lots of fun pockets. Don't tell me I wasn't cool! Hee.

claire said...

Ooh, i went through that phase, too. Combine that phase with the "Boys only like stupid, mindless girls" realization and you have a rockin party. Usually ending with me sitting in the corner somewhere crying into my beer.

I can see why you and your roomie had a crush on stoned-guy. Ca-ute.

princess slea said...

preppygirl brought out the old video we made (from about 15 years ago). i was "rocking" my bibs cut off into shorts and worn over long underwear. i actually thought it was a good look for me. ugh. it made me physically ill to watch that video of myself.

i would have totally crushed on that stoner dude too.

L Sass said...

Oh my... I would really like to burn all photographs of myself sporting overalls. I made the stupid decision of wearing them in my college ID picture, which I still carry around to try to get student discounts. It's shameful (the overalls, not the milking a student discount long after graduating).

guinness girl said...

I had not one, but THREE pairs of overalls. And one pair of shortalls. And I wore them all, all the time. Shudder! You totally look hot in that you-say-it's-slutty-but-nobody-else-sees-it photo, by the way. :)

-R- said...

Is it bad that I keep coming back to this site today to look at the picture of my pothead friend?

metalia said...

HOW much do I love your overalls?! So. Very. Much.

You are too funny.

-R- said...

Marmite, I take it that you are referring to my bod and not my pothead friend's bod as he was wearing gigantic clothing. Thanks!

Boozie, there were actually about 10 people in the apartment that night, so it wasn't all his. Or mine! I have never smoked pot, just an fyi.

Preppy, you make me laugh.

Liz, I guess everyone goes through the overalls phase too. =)

Claire, I have been wondering all day what he is up to now. Hmmm...

Princess, cutoff overalls plus long johns. Oh no!

L sass, that is hilarious - both that you were wearing overalls and that you still try to use your college ID.

Guinness, my roommate had shortalls. I never succumbed to their siren call though.

Myself, no, it is not bad. You are just reminiscing about that guy and laughing about that one time your roommate made out with the pothead.

Metalia, thanks. Did you have overalls too?

Nat said...

Okay, so about overalls.....

When I was pregnant, I was still getting to know my MIL (shotgun wedding) and she is a talented seamstress and said she would make me anything I wanted. I wanted some maternity overalls. We went fabric shopping together, and all I can say is, I ended up with orange denim maternity overalls. Because I wanted her to like me, and I was scared to say, "No, I don't like that".
I about piss my pants when I think about how I looked that summer.