Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random Stuff Because I Have Nothing to Write About


Today, on the way to and from work, I listened to a cd that Guinness Girl made and sent me. She decorated the cds all cutely and sent a super cute card with them. I heart GG. And on Thursday night, Stefanie and I are going to meet up for drinks. It should be fun.

Am I pathetic? It is ok to have blog friends, right? Right. Ok. Well, if you are reading this, then you are probably not an objective observer. And if you say that it is not ok, then why are you reading this?

I am still feeling a little nerdy about having a blog. And it is getting harder to hide my blog from some friends. I am not ready to break down and tell them about it yet. Although when I do, they will wonder why I didn't tell them about this FOR OVER A YEAR. Oh well.



I have nothing to write about right now. Unless you want to read about my trip to Jamba Juice today. One of the assistants at work gave me a coupon for a free "lite" drink at Jamba Juice, so I got one today. (A lesson for all of you: be nice to the assistants. Some of them have mean bosses, and then they will give you free coupons and stuff instead of giving them to their bosses because you are awesome. I have had so many free coffees - and now juice - this way! Or maybe I am just pathetic and the assistants feel bad for me. No, I prefer to go with my first theory.) The Jamba Juice was ok, but Intajuice is way better.



My family was a Nielsen ratings family for a week in about 1991. We had to keep track of what we watched on tv and mark it down in these Nielsen-provided notebooks. It was not that exciting, and in fact, I think I lied about what I watched to make myself seem cooler. I was probably watching 5 hours of "Hey Dude" a week, but instead, I wrote that I was watching "Twin Peaks."


stefanie said...

What? You have received CDs from Guinness Girl?? She has promised me CDs as well, and yet, they have not arrived. GG, are you reading this? My theory holds true that you have grown tired and bored with me. And that makes me sad. :-(

GG throw-down aside, I will say that I totally understand the "I have a blog and I am a nerd" feelings, as I experience the same thing myself. It's like this whole secret second life that only a fraction of my "real life" knows about. Why do I feel the need to compartmentalize myself in this way?

Libragirl said...

Don't feel like a nerd. Some very cool people have blogs - me for one
Embrace your blog side, but don't tell people at work, because one bad day, they read it, they know how you feel. That's not good.

3carnations said...

Well, I don't get things in the mail from blog friends nor do I meet blog friends, because I could never convince my husband that you all could possibly be safe and normal people to meet. Really, it's quite flattering that he might think that people have spent a year developing a clever alter-egos that make them "normal" sounding ladies in their 30s just so I might someday agree to meet them and then they show up some freaky old man. Very flattering. He should probably read the blogs I read someday, and maybe he would change his mind.

As far as telling people I know about my blog...I recommend against it. I've seen several people have to delete/move/change their blog because the "wrong" people found out about it. This is your space, and if you ever want to vent something that you don't want everyone you know to know about, you should feel free to do so.

Lawyerish said...

(I am refraining from starting my comment with "Dude," because I have come to suspect that EVERY SINGLE ONE of my comments begins that way. Just so you know.)

I also have not "come out" to the majority of my friends about my blog. Oddly, my mom, brother, sister in law, husband, best friend, and a few select law school friends know about it, but I have not taken the plunge and told like ALL of my friends and family. Mostly because (1) I feel like a great big dork saying "durrr, I have a blog" and (2) now it has been almost a year, and I feel like they would be all, "um...why didn't you mention it before?" So yeah. I feel you.

Nat said...

OMG! Hey Dude! That was one of the first programmes that I saw in America--my sisters were all, "Come and look at this!" and I was all, "Oooh, a pretty boy on a ranch!" although I was fresh "off the boat" as they say, so I probably said, "Bleddy ell, thassa gorgeous lad tharriz" because that's how Leicester girls speak. Anyway, Hey Dude was quite amusing, and it had Ben Stiller's wife in it!
And also, God, sometimes I censor myself way more than I should, because everybody knows about my blog. I always think I should start over and have a secret blog, but I would just miss my old one, even though I can't think of anything to write about lately and my poor blog is sitting lonely and dusty, waiting for me to make sweet sweet love to it.
I am a dork.

guinness girl said...

Stefanie, STOP. STOP STOP STOP. Your CDs were sent the same day as R's, silly girl.

And I totally hope it's not pathetic to have blog friends, because, um, yeah. I'm right there with ya.

L Sass said...

I loved HEY DUDE so much... perhaps I will name my daughter "Bradley."

Also, having a blog and blog-friends doesn't make you a nerd. Nerds do things like roller skating on the weekend.

Oh, wait... shoot.

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

ok, lots to comment on in this here 1st trip to your site. 1st - I just had my first real-life meeting w/ blog-friends, and one would be none other than Guinness Girl, so fear not, it can be fun!

2nd - NEILSON HOUSE! I'm SO intrigued!!

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

oh shoot; and 3rd - I LOVED Hey Dude.

lizgwiz said...

I have told very few "real life" people about my blog. Mostly I'm afraid they just won't get it. Or will mock me or something. I don't know. I have received things in the mail from bloggers, but have yet to experience my first..."blog date"? "Blog meeting"? (Someone should coin a good word for that.) Maybe that will happen in 2007, which is, after all, MY year.

I've never been a Nielson TV house, but I once got to keep a radio listening log for a while. And for a couple of years I was an official US Census Bureau demographics trackee. I don't know what the official title is, but they came to my house 4 times a year to ask me questions about my job and salary, etc.

Paisley said...

Nobody in real life except my husband know I blog. Sometimes I just say, "I know this girl who..." when I want to reference a blog friend so I don't feel so weird about it.

I was a Nielsen Family also around that time. I remember it was during the summer and I was watching way too much Guiding Light. I'm afriad I looked utterly pathetic in my ratings.

:) I should have lied like you did. haha

claire said...

I always wonder who the Neilson families are and how they get picked and who the hell do they think they are not watching my favorite shows and allowing them to be canceled.
That is truly awesome and now i want to be a Neilson girl.

heh.. Hey Dude.. holy blast from the past, yo.

chirky said...

1. How did you get to be a Nielsons rating family? That alone makes you so, so cool.

2. Being a nice boss, and a nice attorney who doesn't yell f-bombs on unsuspecting (and yet maybe a little vigilante) persons, totally means you deserve free juice.

Except I'm wondering where all these free coupons are coming from. I don't have any of those.

Em said...

I find myself saying "Hey, Duuuuuude" to my husband alot. But he doesn't get it because he was way cooler (and older) than me at the time I watched it and, sadly, he's never seen it.

I wish I could meet up with my "blog friends" for drinks. What a hoot!

I am slowly telling my real life friends about the blog. But first I have to really determine if I'm willing to give up the right to EVER talk about them publicly. It's a sacrifice, really.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I have decided that it is nerdy NOT to have a blog. Yeah. That's right. I said it.

However, I also have not come out as a blogger to my family. I talk about my professional blog all the time with co-workers, but not my personal blog. Still anonymous in that aspect. I suspect that it is due to the fact that I hide my weirdness in real life. I don't hide it in the blog.

As for discussing other blogs with non-blogging people, I always say that "I have this friend in Minnesota who said..." Bloggy friends are real friends in my book. :-)

metalia said...

OMG, I *loved* "Hey Dude!" Ah, memories...

I am fascinated by the Nielsen thing; how did they pick your fam?!

(Also, how good are GG's CDs?!)

JayAre said...

I was so excited to see that you watched Hey Dude! Then I read your comments and now I suspect there may be a correlation between people that watched Hey Dude and people that blog. This theory may be related to my recent decision to do a research project on why women blog. ANYWAY, I got off topic there, my point is, I'm so excited to see other people that loved that show!