Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Weekend Quest

So I tried to buy Purse #2 online. Notice the use of the word "tried." I received an e-mail the next day telling me that the purse I wanted was not in stock. On Saturday, I went to the Mall of America, and I saw the purse at Bloomingdale's! It was on the 40% Sale table, so H and I calculated and determined that it was being offered for the same price as online. Score! So I brought it to the saleswoman, who rang up my card, and then asked me to sign the little electronic box. Except it showed up as $400!

"Excuse me," I said to the saleswoman, "but this says $400."

"Yes," the saleswoman answered.

"The purse was on the sales table, and it was being offered on Furla's website for $185."

The saleswoman checked with someone else, and came back and told me that the purse was $400. So I told her that I didn't want it, she cancelled the transaction, and we left the store.


To console myself, I went to a shoe store. I have been looking for a cute pair of brown shoes I can wear to work that aren't too high. All the cute shoes I find have 3-inch heels, which = No. I found the perfect brown shoes on clearance. I tried them on. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

The saleswoman rung up the shoes, and I gave her my card. Declined.


The $400 charge at Bloomingdale's was showing up on my account, although there really was no charge, so I could not buy anything else on my personal account (H and I share a joint account and then each have small personal accounts) until the stupid purse non-charge disappeared. As H was paying for my shoes (how embarrassing), the bank called my cell phone. Good to know that if someone has stolen my credit card, the bank will notify me after the thief has spent all my money and my card is declined.*

So then I went to another shoe store and bought a pair of red shoes on clearance. I love the after-Christmas sales.

I saw so many good deals. A black Monsac purse at Nordstrom's was originally over $300, on sale for $150. I wanted it so badly (bad? badly?). The purse wasn't exactly what I wanted, but the savings! Oh, the savings! Luckily, my true stingy nature won out, and I reminded myself that it's not worth $150 if it's not exactly what I want.

I did in fact find another purse online that is PERFECT and in my price range, so maybe someday, when I can actually use my bank card, I will buy it, and maybe it will even be in stock. A girl can dream.

*I do appreciate the amazingly quick response.


Nat said...

Makes you long for the days of buying purses at Wal Mart and using cash, doesn't it?

Or is that just me?
PS) Cute shoes! But what do I know? I think it's been proven that I don't know from shoes!

jonniker said...

Adorable shoes! And like Nat, I don't know from shoes, being as I wear Reefs almost every day, but damn, I do know that those are cute.

jonniker said...

Testing something. Feel free to delete. Except: I am angry for you about the bag, those fuckers.

Lawyerish said...

Cuuuuuuute shoes! Cute. I am now jealous.

You should come to New York and buy street handbags. (Not the ripoff LV and Prada ones, but just the plain purses). They're surprisingly well constructed; I've had the same basic black tote bag for five years now that I bought on the street for $20. Woot!

Paisley said...

First - CUTE SHOES! If you need another pair, I saw some at Target that look like that, but a little different. I WANT THEM. :)

$400 for a purse? GAH! My sister got a Coach on ebay for a good price. Maybe you should check there. They have cute purses. Me? I go to Kohls. They have nice purses and always have a sale.

L Sass said...

I have to say that the "megamall" makes me disgusts me slightly each time I visit, and yet I love to go every time I am in MN.

Those shoes are great!!

Stargazer said...

Are those brown shoes Steve Madden? I saw a pair like those recently and I have been kicking myself since that I didnt get them!

laurie said...

Oh, I think I am in love with your website! I have just gone back and read way too much of it for a workday. Sorry, boss. You also use ghetto slang!! I promise I am a very bad stalker, don't be too scared of me.

Cute shoes!

LC said...

Oh my gosh!

-R-, you know you've totally made it when the great Laurie is commenting on your blog, and not only that, but telling you how much she likes it!

She is tha bomb!

Also: I am in love with your red shoes. Adorable.

I cannot spend that much money on anything. I but everything on sale. EVERYTHING.

jes said...

Sad for you. I do like the shoes though, very much.

stefanie said...

I was actually pretty surprised that H was just going to stand idly by making no complaints about a $100+ purse (boys would never understand such things), but then you clarified about the personal account. Ah. That actually sounds like an excellent way to avoid money-related marital discord.

And I love those shoes! (Both of them!) Good choices! :-)

beingmccrary said...

Husband and myself have our accounts the same way. We tried it for one month together and he was already asking me what I spent 20$ on at Old Navy. I can't have that. I gots to shop!!!

VERY cute shoes!

Stinkypaw said...

Too bad about the purse, but those shoes are really cute - good finds!

metalia said...

I am very much coveting those red shoes, R; adorable.

Also, Lawyerish makes an excellent point; the street bags here are not too shabby. :)

-R- said...

Nat, I don't long for Wal Mart, but cash does seem like a good plan.

Jonniker, thanks!

Lawyerish, I didn't know bags sold on the street were decent quality. Good to know.

Paisley, thanks. I couldn't pay $400 for a purse either. Yikes!

L Sass, I love the Mall of America. I know where all the stores I like are, so it's not too bad. Except I avoid it in November and December because it attracts all the crazies.

Stargazer, yes, they are Steve Madden. Good eye!

Laurie, thanks. I love your blog too.

LC, I too shop the sales!

Jes, I know. Thanks.

Stefanie, it works well for us. Then I don't get mad when he buys every video game and DVD he can afford, and he has to let me buy a purse, if that's what I want.

Beingmc, exactly! Personal accounts are truly important.

Spaw, thanks.

Metalia, thanks. And I am really surprised about those street bags.

guinness girl said...

CUTE shoes! And - i cannot believe that about your credit card being charged anyway. Those F-ers!!

don't call me MA'AM said...

LOVE the shoes! And I hate how banks immediately put a hold on your account when you use it for something big... even if it's immediately removed by the sales person. I had that happen once, too... and it IS embarrassing. Good thing H was there. :-)

Melinda said...

Fabulous shoes.!! What a bargain :)