Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I think my blog looks somewhat better. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to blog design. I just delete code, see what the blog looks like, put the code back, see what it looks like, etc. As far as I can tell, it looks normal on Internet Explorer and still a little weird on Firefox. If you have another browser, good luck with that.


Tomorrow night, I am going roller skating with Stefanie (and H and some other people). Roller skating with your blog friend: does it get much nerdier than that? I hope not. On Friday nights, the rink is open only to 25-year-olds and up, so it should be a good time. Hopefully, there will be a few couple skates! I am going to request the song that goes, "Doctor, doctor, give me the news! I've got a [beat] bad case of loving you!" Not because of Stefanie, but just because I always used to skate to that song at elementary school birthday parties. That and "Ghostbusters."

Yesterday, I linked to Stefanie's post about a pre-wedding kickball game, but I think a pre-wedding roller skating party would be so much better! Partly because although I would probably fall while roller skating, there would be fewer shouts of "No bunting!" If any engaged people are reading this and want me to plan a pre-wedding roller event for them, let me know.


I just remembered that when I was in high school, I attended a skating party. We thought we were so cool for being intentionally dorky or something. And we all paired up with random people for couple skates and then couple-skated overdramatically (complete with sweeping arm gestures). It was so much fun. Is it good or bad that I am exactly the same as I was when I was 16? And why do I appear to be obsessed with couple-skating?


stefanie said...

Oh, no fair. I was totally just writing about our big roller-skating plans when I came back over here to copy your URL and link to you, and I see that you have already written about it! I cannot post my post until tomorrow (as it is a Friday Five and all), but just so you know, I shall be discussing roller-skating, too! I can't wait! (For the skating, I mean. Not for the post. The post, in all honesty, isn't that great. I'm just sayin.')

stefanie said...

Also, I totally agree that a pre- (or post-, as was the case with the kickball) wedding skating event would be a fabulous and excellent idea. I will keep this in mind should I ever get married. (You know, if I don't have a hip replacement or something by then.)

Stinkypaw said...

I was going to write that your blog looked fine on Netscape, but when I clicked on "post a comment" it went really weird... oh well!

Roller skating party? Cool! The song that automatically brings me back to the rink is "Funkytown"!

Have fun and enjoy every couple skates you can!

Marmite Breath-Nat said...

I absolutely LOVE skating and told Aaron that instead of going to a bar, I wanted him to take me skating. Have fun!!

steve said...

Formatting is still a little off, as seen in Firefox on a Mac.

I used to rollerskate to "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. I think that makes me older than you. Damn.

3carnations said...

I've never been much of a skater. Well, I've never been able to roller skate AT ALL, to be honest. Hubby and I tried to take up ice skating while we were dating. I got to the point where I could occasionally move away from the edge of the rink.

Christine said...

When I skate I fall down.

Thank god there isn't a rink giving my boyfriend grand ideas of intentional dorkitude. Although couple skating could be fun.

L Sass said...

I haven't been roller-skating in forever!!

PS, I think most of us are exactly the same as we were when we were sixteen. Better fashion, maybe.

PreppyGirl said...

Next up, Ladies Choice, followed by a "shoot the deck" competition. My Sharona!

claire said...

ROLLER SKATING??? NO FAIR!! Aw, now I wanna go roller skating. That is so terribly awesome and dorky, i can't stand it. I wonder if i could even stand upright anymore... hmm. I wonder if there's even a rink open around here anymore.

Sounds like so much fun. Am now totally jealous. :)

double_g said...

Was I at this roller-skating event in high school? Cause it seems like something I'd remember but somehow I don't.

I can't listen to "Like a Prayer" and not think of good old Skateland.

guinness girl said...

Hee! That sounds like so much fun! Wish I could go. Wah. FYI, your blog looks pretty normal in Firefox to me! (well. as normal as YOUR blog could look. har har.) Just teasing, you know. xoxoxo

Mama Drama Jenny said...

I only had one birthday party when I was a kid. I was 8 and I chose eight wheels skating rink.

Best. party. ever.

-R- said...

Stefanie, you beat me on the follow-up post, so we are even.

Spaw, I don't think they played Funkytown, although that would have been nice.

Nat, skating was really fun! Next, we are going to go ice skating.

Steve, yeah, I am still having blog issues. It is a pain.

3cars, I'm glad you tried!

Christine, some of us were going quite slow. Falling is half the fun!

L sass, thanks for the reassurance about being the same as I was when I was 16. I do think I have better fashion sense, thank goodness.

Preppy, word.

Claire, it was really fun.

Double G, Like a Prayer is another good one.

GG, thanks, I think.

Jenny, good party choice! I never had a roller skating party, but I attended my fair share, and they were always fun.