Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Clothes and Stuff

I actually think I looked cute today. I wore the new brown shoes, which made me ridiculously happy.

I realize that I do not actually look happy in the above picture, but I felt like a dork smiling at myself in the picture. Plus, it took a lot of concentration to keep the camera steady.

Yesterday, I tried out the red shoes. They were fantastic. And I realized that I bought every single item worn in this picture on sale over the last year or two. I am such a bargain hunter!

Even these cute knee-highs were purchased on sale! (The fact that I wrote "knee-highs" makes me sound 80, doesn't it?)

So yeah, there's really a lot going on right now, as you can tell.


Some days the urge to write about forbidden topics is so strong that I can barely resist. But I must. I am a new, strong person who works out several times a week, watches what she eats, and limits her blog commenting to a reasonable amount. Let's see how long this lasts. Except the diet and exercise had better last for a little while because at this point I have exactly two pairs of pants that still fit me. And the problem with the rest of my pants is not that they are too baggy. Quite the opposite. Yikes.

I was at a work event recently, and I realized that I was one of the chubbiest people in the room. And although I am chubby based on what I normally weigh (and what size I normally wear), I am not an especially chubby person. I think the law, and large or large-ish law firms, attract people who are intense about everything they do. They work for 12 or more hours, and then they go work out. They are perfectionists who have to do their best, look their best, be their best.

That's not to say all lawyers at large-ish law firms are perfectionists. But I think a good percentage of lawyers are. The law is a Type A profession. I am Type A compared to the average person, but compared to some lawyers, I am a lazy, lazy slacker. And I'm ok with that.

I am still trying to figure out if I fit in and if I want to fit in. It is frustrating some days, but overall I am doing ok. I don't want to speak for H, but I think he is kind of going through the same thing. Is this a pre-30s crisis? Or is it that we have finally been out of law school for a few years, and kind of know what we are doing, so now we have the breathing room to ask if this is what we actually want to be doing?

So yeah, that was really random. I will try to write more about Guitar Hero in the future.


I realize that I have screwed up the template of this blog somehow, but I will work on it tomorrow.


janet said...

I love red shoes! They just spice up any outfit. I also love that there are instructions on how to tie a tie on your mirror :)

And girl, you are SO not chubby. Seriously, I KNOW chubby.

stefanie said...

The fact that you have to wear suits to work would be reason enough for me to rethink my profession. Of course, this comes from an English major who is sitting at work wearing jeans, Danskos, and a wool sweater from Old Navy. I'm just saying, it's hard to be happy in uncomfortable clothes.

3carnations said...

I'm glad you acknowledged that you didn't look happy in the picture. The term "ridiculously happy" didn't seem to fit the expression on your face. Very cute outfit, indeed.

I call my knee highs trouser socks. I can't decide if that makes me sound younger than 80, or older than 80.

lizgwiz said...

I can't remember the last time I bought an article of clothing that WASN'T on sale. I know I haven't done it since I worked retail for a brief while in a clothing store years ago and learned how quickly stuff goes on sale. I used to be inwardly scornful (while outwardly enthusiastic of their choice; gotta make those sales quotas) of anyone who bought something the week it came out. "Sheesh--don't they know that will be 20% off by next week?"

L Sass said...

I feel like I am hearing the same "Do I fit in?" rumblings from many of my nouvelle-attorney friends... it's hard to figure out what to be when you grow up!

You look great and adorable--and so professional!!

guinness girl said...

You are totally not chubby!

As for the "do I fit in and do I even want to" questions - you know, after I pondered this a little, I realized I went through similar thoughts...probably around age 24-27. Maybe 28, too. Not just professionally, either - I did a lot of shifting with my social life at the time, spending more time with people I truly enjoyed than people I'd known a while, etc. I think it's totally normal.

Big hugs, my friend. You will find your place. xoxo

Christine said...

Ahh the fitting into the legal profession. I've started in law school which probably means that my law career is "D-E-D, Dead!" to quote my sister.

Ahh well, you'll figure it all out.

And also? Sweet Jebus, if you're chubby I'm morbidly obese.

laurie said...

I can't imagine working with lawyers all day. My best friend is in law school and the whole Type A thing ... it's very intense. I am a Type A-minus, I guess. I am very focused and driven, but in incredibly odd ways.

You look so cute in your pictures! I know you said you didn't like your haircut but I think it's very chic on you. My face is too fat for that length but I covet it anyway.

chirky said...

the shoes = tres cute

I'm sorry that you feel like you are chubby, really I am. But I am so delighted and filled with glee that someone out there has LESS clothes to wear than I do!

You see, I'm down to three pairs of slacks and two skirts that I can wear.

Which basically means that my coworkers get really, really tired of seeing me in the same clothes.

And also that I need to lose weight.

metalia said...

Oh R, you're not chubby in the least! And I think a quarter-life crisis is pretty much standard these days...you're entitled. :)

-R- said...

Janet, you are very observant. Those are instructions on how to tie a windsor knot.

Stefanie, we aren't required to wear suits, although I do from time to time. I cannot imagine wearing jeans to my office. It would be BAD.

3cars, trouser socks. That is a good name for them. I will try that to sound less like a great-grandma.

Liz, good to know. I will not be a sucker!

Sass, it is nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks.

GG, ah, thanks. It is frustrating to not know where I want to be. Aargh.

Christine, I don't think you are D-E-D dead. You just have to find a legal (or non-legal, but not illegal) job that is right for you.

Laurie, Type A-Minus. I am totally stealing that!

Chirky, I'm glad my pain can be a comfort to you. I wore the same pants Monday and today. I am pretty sure my coworkers are getting tired of them.

Metalia, I don't know if it is so much a crisis as a minor freakout. Or some other word that is less than crisis.