Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pump Up the Jam

First, to answer the question that I know has been at the back of your mind: Did you ever finally get a black purse or what? Yes, I did. I finally bought one tonight. Not only is it exactly what I wanted (and yet nothing like either of the purses I was originally choosing from), it was 33% off!

Ta da!

Now we move on to Stefanie's request. She wanted to see pictures of my workout space. Since I was going down there (to the basement) anyway, I brought my camera.

When you first walk down the stairs into the basement, you see the tv and tiny DVD player (on the shelf constructed by H), the punching bag, a curly bar (sorry to use such technical terms), the big bar, boxing gloves and assorted items hanging on the wall, and the lat machine. For some reason I took this picture at an angle so that everything looks crooked, but in real life, it is not.

Here is a closeup of the items on the hook below the tv. I am really into jumping rope lately. I want to say "jumproping" instead of "jumping rope," but it just looks wrong.

Here is the hook in the ceiling where the punching bag hangs when in use. I do not use this.

When you first walk into the basement, to your left is the squat rack and the bench and weights and stuff. (Drywall is overrated.)

Here is the one piece of gym equipment that was actually purchased for me. I love this bike.

And just a random picture because looking over during Scrubs tonight and seeing this cracked me up:


don't call me MA'AM said...

"Drywall is overrated." AHAHAH! You funny girl!

Looks like a great room for a kickass workout.

And H with the glasses... priceless.

L Sass said...

I am majorly jealous of you having all your gym equipment in your own house!

And I love the purse--one day you'll have to show us a picture of its contents!

Jenny said...

LOVE the purse.

Also, "jumproping" is totally a word that should be in the dictionary.

jes said...

The 3-D glasses are almost too much.

Then I saw the insulation. ;)

stefanie said...

Wow. I had no idea you had such a well-stocked gym in your basement. Cool.

OK, is there really a 3-D spread in this year's SI swimsuit edition?? (I could ask a boy, but there are none nearby at the moment, so I am asking you. I must know. Because that is absurd.)

lizgwiz said...

Great purse!

If I had that much workout equipment IN my house, I might actually work out. Might. Okay, the chances would be greater, at any rate!

Isabel said...

Drywall...who needs it?!

Love the purse.

-R- said...

DCMM, Some guy called me "Ma'am" yesterday, and I thought of you!

L Sass, it is all H's doing, but I must admit that it is nice to have. I will had picture of purse contents to my must-take picture list.

Jenny, thank you. I will write a note to Webster on our behalf.

Jes, the insulation is awesome, I know. (So is H.)

Stefanie, I didn't even ask or look in the magazine, but I am assuming that there is. I don't think we just have 3-D glasses hanging around our living room.

Liz, I know. You would think that I would work out more, but I don't.

Isabel, thanks! We are planning on eventually finishing the basement, but we have to pay for some other stuff first.

-R- said...

That should say in my response to L Sass "I will ADD picture of purse contents" to the list.

PreppyGirl said...

Cool! I wish we could have a workout room in our basement. For some reason the ceilings are only about 6 feet high (poor Galoot is always slouched over when trying to do laundry down there).

Loving your purse!!

claire said...

i am so jealous of your workout space. i wish i had such a great area. drywall or no.

oh! and weeds is a great show, right? it toally is.

laurie said...

I am appropriately intimidated by your sportiness!

metalia said...

That purse? Is adorable.

Also, I'm, um...ashamed to admit that I have actually seen the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition (hey! Some guy left it in the seatback pocket on the plane!), and certain portions are, in fact, 3D. I don't remember much, but strategically placed starfish are involved.

kerrianne said...

I have to admit that I was considering buying that particular S.I. just to see if Beyonce's bathing suit line is any better than the dresses she (and her momma) keep creating. I am skeptical.