Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'll Take Two

First, a correction. As I was making a list of the pictures I need to take, I noticed that both Stefanie and Preppygirl both requested picture of my workout area, and I failed to credit Preppygirl in my previous post. Sorry!

The following picture is for Claire who requested a picture of my silverware drawer looking more organized.

For all of you who were upset by the crazy drawer (and there were a suprising number of OCDers out there) I hope you can sleep better now. I do straighten it out after H puts the silverware away.

Now that you are all feeling tranquil after seeing the silverware in a state of organization, please brace yourself because I have another shock for you. Nordstrom sent me an ad for new spring/summer trends. AND SHORTALLS ARE ALLEGEDLY A NEW TREND.

There are so many things wrong with this picture. First of all, THE SHORTALLS. Second, Nordstrom calls these "shortall," but that is just wrong. It is shortalls, not shortall, just like it is overalls, not overall, and pants, not pant. Third, if it is cold enough that you need to wear pink, wool kneesocks, then you should not be wearing shorts, and most definitely you should not be wearing shortalls. AND DID I MENTION $188!!!!!!!! FOR CUT OFF OVERALLS!!!!!!

That is all.


sognatrice said...

Every girl should start her day looking at that silverware drawer. Thank you! I feel much better, even if you almost ruined the high with the "shortall." If I start seeing those in Milano, I will be *very* concerned.

Jenny said...

Thank God.

All is right with the world and the silverware drawer.

Also, I was at Macy's this weekend and there were shortalls everywhere.

First leggings come back. Now this.

Em said...

Am I the only one who HATES the new trend of "business/casual" in where women are now wearing pin-striped shorts and calling it professional? Sorry, but I think it's tacky.

That is all.

Christine said...

I say, emphatically: NO! to shortalls.

And the drawer? phew. Even though in my laziness lately our own draw has gone the way of your first post.

stefanie said...

Shortalls AND rainbow-printed ringer T's, apparently. Was there a vote to determine if we all wanted to relive 1983? If so, why wasn't I informed so my "No" vote could be counted? I am disturbed.

Also, I am amused that your silverware drawer seems to contain several items from which you have not yet clipped the tags. Wedding gifts, I presume?

lizgwiz said...

Shortalls. Dear god. Why do they keep trying to sell us on things that don't look good on ANYbody? We finally start to see a rise in the rise of low-rise (sorry-hee)jeans, and now they're pushing shortalls?!

claire said...

oh thank you, thank you, thank you. i was hoping that the silverware wasn't getting pushed off to do all that "working out" you two seem to do so much off. i mean, priorities. really.

shortalls? are they serious? sadly, i was not in on the first round of shortalls since the whole concept looked terrible on me and my giant ass & hips. generally, a trend that completely camouflages my waist is not one i can get behind. (heh.. behind)

also? $188? that's just insulting.

emhack said...

So I take it you have not had an occasion to use the 'fancy cake server' that nice friend the family gave you for your wedding? Suprising.

I myself have been married twice, total of 14 years and two fancy cake servers later, I still haven't used either one.

Welcome to the club.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I just recently reorganized the silverware drawer and cooking utensil drawer... and then threatened to beat the living daylights out of anyone who messed them up. Overreacting? I think not. Your drawer looks much better.

Shortalls. Those are the things I wear when I have to paint a house or something to that effect during hot weather. I might also be known to wear same clothing item to a very hot softball game where I am "spectating." Otherwise, never. And definitely not since 1993.

metalia said...

Shortalls?! *HURL*

I don't want to alarm you, but there is another, equally menacing fashion emergency looming--I've seen a few girls in NY recently wearing HIGH WAISTED shorts with attached suspender things; simply wretched.

L Sass said...

Oh my god. I am really upset about that shortall thing. Don't do it, people! EW!!!