Saturday, March 31, 2007

How Is Your Weekend Going?

New pictures of prom have been posted!

Participate in the March quadrant challenge by Monday (4/2) night, and you will be included in the results.

My blate (blog date) with Stefanie was really fun. We sat at the sushi bar, which is surrounded by a bar-level moat filled with wooden boats. The sushi chefs then put the sushi on the little boats, and as they float by, you take as much sushi as you want. We talked about blogs, why boys are stupid, and other random topics. After the sushi, we went to a random bar, where some drunk guy asked for permission to hit on us. We declined. I also gave Stefanie permission to borrow H when she needs a tall man, but I did impose certain limits on such borrowing.

Last night, I went to an awards banquet for the N double-A CP. I don't really want local people to google the event and find my blog, mostly because my participation in the event was somewhat work-related, thus my odd abbreviation for the organization. I didn't know anyone there, but before the dinner, I introduced myself to a random group of strangers and chatted. Then I sat at a table with people I didn't know and chatted some more. I am not known for my mingling abilities, so I was proud of myself for being outgoing. It was different for me to be one of only a few white people in attendance, and I was kind of self-conscious about it, but I got over it quickly. The event itself was really fun, and I sat about 5 feet away from Al Franken. There were tons of speakers, including the mayor of St. Paul, and some leaders of the N double-A CP. The speakers were really charismatic, and when they asked rhetorical questions, people shouted out answers. Even when the speakers didn't ask questions, people shouted out their agreement. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the organization. The main speaker was supposed to be Senator Obama, but he had to cancel at the last minute. The stand-in speaker was so good, that I didn't mind at all, although it would have been exciting to see Sen. Obama.

To continue my boring recap of the last few days, H and I completed all our tax paperwork this morning, and we only got into one fight, so that was an accomplishment. We only owe the government about $100, so I am pleased. Now the rest of the weekend will be spent working. Wooooooo.


stefanie said...

How am I the first comment, a day after you posted? All your readers must be on vacation, R. :-)

I just want to say I am impressed by your bold and adventurous mingling skills... and also by your creative masking of well-known organizations' names. Good work.

-R- said...

Maybe no one expects a weekend post from me? Or this post was just so boring it lulled all my readers to sleep? Oh well.