Monday, October 01, 2007

Friend or Foe

First of all, happy October. You know what October means, right? The Holiday House is back! I tried to take pictures today, but they didn't come out very well. I will try again tomorrow.

In other news, a coworker friend (the one who thinks she has a bad haircut) and I had a not very serious at all discussion about friendship. We were talking about the awkwardness of determining how close you are with other people. We decided that the only way to find out how close you are with someone is to bring up an embarrassing topic or make an inappropriate comment and see how the other person reacts. This can be great, like when you discover that the other person really gets your sense of humor, or it can be very awkward, like when you discover that the other person thinks you are a freak. My friend and I have decided that to avoid the awkwardness, we are going to develop a Friendship Questionnaire to hand out to all the people we like (because handing out a questionnaire totally won't be awkward at all). The questionnaire is below.

1. How close is your relationship to me?
a. We are BFF!
b. Close friends
c. Friends
d. Friendly acquaintances
e. I used to like her until she gave me this questionnaire, and now I think she is a freak.
f. Mortal enemies

2. What topics do you feel comfortable discussing with me (repeatedly)?
a. Times I embarrassed myself
b. Boring stories about my work
c. My blog (if you do not know I have a blog, please ignore this option)
d. My love for Ann Taylor Loft
e. The Holiday House
f. Times I winked at my nemesis (also see option 2a above)
g. Pam and Jim (aka PB&J)

Obviously, my coworker friend and I are BFF and can discuss (and have discussed) all of the above topics, except for 2c.


3carnations said...

Maybe we need to go back to elementary school days. "Will you be my friend?" "No." "Okay." Simple as that. I know some people with whom I have very vague relationships, too. I'm sure giving them a questionnaire will make things much clearer for everyone. Ha!

Operation Pink Herring said...

Ah, every town has one of those houses. I love them!

L Sass said...

When I was in sixth grade, I made a survey for all of my friends to fill out that was not totally dissimilar from your example.

Surprisingly, they weren't as in to it as I was!

Noelle said...

I could use these in the moments before the off-color joke. It reminds me of junior high, a time that was not awkward in any way thanks to helpful notes!

Jenny said...

You are so my bff.

Plus, I'm always saying weird things that make people uncomfortable. It's probably because of all that radon poisoining.

nancypearlwannabe said...

That survey should definitely be handed out in work situations. That way, you know if you can take a conversation to another place, and also who ELSE in the office you can discuss without being awkward.

janet said...

great quiz!

I tell my DC-BFF that I know we will be true best friends the day she gives me a pedicure herself. She hates feet. Good test, eh?