Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How Did I End Up Like This?

Thursday Thirteen Things! Again! Are you tired of these yet? It is kind of nice to have something I have to write about in the middle of the week, but I am afraid that my Thursday Thirteen Things are getting kind of lame. (Because my posts about gas stations are so much cooler?)

So for this week, I present

Thirteen Ways My Life Is Different Than the Five-Year-Old Me Imagined It Would Be

1. I thought I would be blonde.

2. I thought I would drive a convertible.

3. I thought I would look like Barbie.

4. I thought I would be a teacher, not a lawyer.

5. I thought I would have miraculously become graceful.

6. I thought I would be married to Scott, who lived across the street from me.

7. I never thought I would live somewhere with such freaking cold winters. (The cold winters would prevent me from getting the perfect Barbie tan and driving my convertible around with the top down, obviously.)

8. I never thought I would actually have to clean up after myself. Well, I don't really clean up after myself, but I should.

9. Despite the fact that I was always one of the tiniest kids in my class, I thought I would grow up to be tall.

10. I never thought I would ask for things like patio furniture for my birthday.

11. I thought I would have published several books.

12. I never thought that I would enjoy shopping. Ew.

13. I thought I would be a famous singer. Unfortunately, all the training I did, which consisted of singing and dancing to my mom's Beatles and Beach Boys records, did not pan out into a fabulous career... yet.


Stinkypaw said...

1. from that picture would have thought so as well.

2-3-7. It's a good thing you're not!

4-11 & 13. Never too late to do it!

10. Never thought someone would ask for that either!

Don't stop now, the fun is just starting!

I bet you also never thought you'd end up married to the Incredible H! ;-)

3carnations said...

But do you live in the Barbie dream house?

Christine said...

My five year old self still wants to grow up to be an artist(e) rather than a lawyer. I keep telling her we have bills to pay.

Guinness_Girl said...

I predict your singing career will be launched soon. Worry not, 5-year-old inner self of R!

schneids said...

***humming a beach boy song in your honor***

Carmen said...

i don't think that these are boring at all. I liked this week's :)

PreppyGirl said...

You must've loved when that "Beach Boys Medley" came out. And then there was a "Beatles Medley" to boot. Oh wait, you were probably like 2 when those came out. I'm so old.

HELP! Rhonda

Lawyerish said...

Love these!

My life is COMPLETELY different than I would have thought it would be at 5 or even 15.

I should have consulted my 5 and 15-year old selves before making my career decisions, actually.

Candy Minx said...

Delightful and funny as heck! good way of looking at things a little off side. And you have a super funny style of writing. Maybe a book is still in ya? Its not too late!!

Here is my TT list..

jes said...

Awww...poor AYKWE. The life you imagined as a 5-year-old was certainly exciting!

Um, actually, no. It kind of sounds like Paris Hilton's life.

(Sans the aspirations to be a teacher.)

(And sans the aspirations to be a graceful.)

(Or look like Barbie.)

(Um, or be married to Scott.)

Hmmm. Fine. Maybe not so Paris-like.

princess slea said...

But who knew you'd be a GUITAR HERO instead of a famous singer?

don't call me MA'AM said...

I am STILL hoping for some of those things to come true for me.