Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Am A Lush

So we had people over to watch the Super Bowl. I think it was pretty fun. But we have a lot of wine left, which it is my duty to drink because it cannot go to waste, and H doesn't typically drink wine. Thus I just had a Super Bowl sized glass of red wine, and I am starting to feel the effects, which may be obvious by my lack of typing skills. It is taking me freaking forever to type this.

If you are here looking for the results of last week's poll, please check out my Venn diagram type chart here. I greatly enjoy charts and lists, so I may try to keep this up on a monthly basis. (The polls in general. Not this specific one. Don't worry, I won't ask you about Ben and Noel every month.)

If you are here looking for a post by H, I am sorry to disappoint you, but he hasn't written one yet. I think he now feels like his post has to be perfect, so he is sweating it a little bit. Also, he is busy watching reruns of The Family Guy on the Cartoon Network. He has promised to post this week, but don't hold your breath.

What else? I drank a lot this weekend. That is probably not a good thing. H and I went out for a fancy dinner on Friday night, thanks to a gift card I got as a Christmas gift. Dinner was amazing, and the wine I had was pretty swell. I only had one glass because I had to drive. Then Saturday night, we had another free and fancy dinner to go to, with an open bar, so I had several glasses of wine and a glass of Bailey's. I should have learned my lesson by now: Bailey's gets me drunk very quickly, but I always forget that because it tastes so freaking good. I don't think I embarrassed myself though, and I didn't fall down or spill anything, so it must not have been too bad. Right? On a typical weekend, I have zero to one drinks, so the fact that I had a few drinks while "watching" the Super Bowl plus trying to finish up the wine after everyone left = I was a crazy lush this weekend.

Having everyone over for the Super Bowl was fun. I didn't get to talk to everyone I wanted to talk to, but I did make an attempt to mingle and make sure everyone had a good time. And we had a lot of good food, and did I mention the alcohol?, so yay. Also there was a super cute baby in attendance for part of the game that I got to hold. Don't worry, I was not drunk while holding the baby.

I have no end to this random rambling about how much I drink. I wish I had a label for this post called "This post sucks." Go be dazzled by my awesome charting abilities instead. The end.


steve said...

Is it really possible to be a true lush drinking only wine and Baileys?

I think actual, genuine lushitude requires shots of something painful, like whiskey or tequila.

Dig the diagram. I would have participated, but I was too embarrassed to admit that I did not know who Ben and Noel were.

Oh, and FG reruns on Cartoon Network kick ass.

lizgwiz said...

That sounds like a great weekend to me. Maybe I'm a lush at heart, too.

Lola said...

A super bowl sized glass of red wine... mmmmmm. Tasty!

Lola x

don't call me MA'AM said...

Yay! We love being a winner. Woot!

I so love wine. And Baileys. Not together of course. Farm Boy loves them both, too.

What a fun party you had. We went to my parents' house. Boo. :-(

PreppyGirl said...

If it is anywhere near as cold there as it is here, you probably needed all that liquor to stay warm. Brrrrr.

stefanie said...

What Preppygirl said, but with the added credential of being in the same city as you and knowing that yes, in fact, it is crazy cold enough to justify alcohol consumption as a means to stay warm.

Sounds like you had a great party. I watched all of 45 seconds of the Super Bowl (and saw only one commercial), and that is OK by me.

guinness girl said...

Yay for lush-like behavior! WOOHOO! I am sad that I took my blog hiatus and missed your poll. I would have voted for Dolly, hands down, and been on the fence on Noel and Ben. Sometimes I love them both and sometimes I hate them both. Sigh.

metalia said...

I am in love with your diagram. As well as the concept of a Super Bowl-sized glass of wine. Mmmm.

-R- said...

Steve, I think it depends on the quantity of wine and Baileys.

Liz, being a lush is underrated.

Lola, yes, it was quite nice.

DCMM, definitely a sign that we will need to get together next time I am in your area.

Preppy, it was NEGATIVE FREAKING SIXTEEN when I woke up this morning.

Stefanie, I probably saw a total of five minutes of football and maybe two commercials. Oh well.

GG, yes, I can see the good and bad in both Ben and Noel, but I like forcing people to choose.

Metalia, thanks. I am quite fond of my diagram as well.